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Mystery Time 9:41 AM on Every Apple New Product

Are you aware that every Apple marketing its newest product be it iPhone, iPad or MacBook, the time on the device is 9:41 AM? If you have not realized, you should be able to see a variety of Apple's latest ads at this time.

It turns out oh it turns out, 9:41 time on the screen of products they introduce certainly not without reason. Apple was deliberately doing so to make it more accurate. More accurate with what? Here's the review.

Why Time in Apple Products Always 9:41 AM?

As stated by one of Apple's senior executives, Scott Forstall, 9:41 time on Apple products was deliberately presented to make the time appropriate when first introduced in a presentation.

Forstall also said that Apple's latest product presentation session was deliberately set 40 minutes. After the 40 minute presentation is complete, then the latest Apple products are introduced. This makes the time in the product accurate with the presentation flow.

That is the reason why Apple's product time is always 9:41 when it is introduced. However, different times are displayed on the first generation iPhone. When presented by Steve Jobs, the iPhone uses a time of 9:42 AM, it is intended that the presentation is longer 1 minute than it should.



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