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10 Game Board It Inspired by Video Game, Anyone Ever Ever Play?

Video games and board games (overall board games) have the same goal, that is entertaining, and help players think and concentrate on getting the game done.

In this modern era, board games are not only made for children, adults can also play them. If you think that board games are so boring then you should read this through to completion, because the 10 board games to be discussed have interesting story ideas and inspired by popular video games. What are they? Let's refer to the following.

1. Adrenaline (Call of Duty or Overwatch)
Adrenaline is a board game that has a war storyline, similar to Call of Duty and Overwatch. To play this game takes 45 minutes to 1 hour, and ends with Final Frenzy. Where each player gets another round turn to run and do as much damage as possible before the timer runs out. Even in game mode we can include AI bot to play, exclamation huh?

2. Scythe (Civilization or Endless Legend)
Scythe is a board game strategy, to win this game is not easy. In addition to having to defeat your opponent, you also have to figure out how to survive. In play you have to collect resources, build military strength, decide which goals to pursue, and be sure to keep an eye on the enemy. The key to winning this game is to stay focused and be able to harness the special power of the faction as well as possible.

3. The Others: 7 Sins (Diablo atau Bloodborne)
The Others: 7 Sins is a board game that takes the theme of horror, to win the game then the player must complete the mission to fight the sin handler. Each player must complete a variety of missions whenever playing. This is what loads this game very easy and fun to play together.

4. Son of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem (Grand Theft Auto)
Board game this one has a resemblance to the video game Grand Theft Auto. Where players perform activities that are contrary to the law, such as hoarding weapons, rioting with other gangs, avoiding police chases, selling drugs, and various other crimes. Although it sounds difficult, but this game is very easy to learn and play, the mechanism is simple and to finish the game only takes about an hour.

5. Fury of Dracula (Metal Gear Solid)
Fury of Dracula is a board game that takes the theme of horror, from the title can already be guessed if this game takes the story idea from the character Dracula. While playing we will find 'Hidden movement' which gives the player the advantage to avoid detection. The player can move around the board, but other players do not know where he is. The most difficult task in this game is to catch Dracula before it's too late. But unfortunately the fact that Dracula can turn into another form we can not meet in this game.

6. Zombicide (Resident Evil)
Surviving is not an easy matter in Zombicide, players are required to kill as many Zombies as possible. The point is to finish the game, we have to find weapons, kill Zombies, level up, and kill more Zombies. Players must work with other players to survive.

7. Thunder Alley (Need for Speed atau Grand Turismo)
Thunder Alley takes the idea of a story about racing and strategy. In this game we will manage a team consisting of three to six cars in a race race. Players must manage the accidents, strategize, teamwork, lap times, and pit stops. Players must arrange all that if they want to win. Throughout the race cars can at times experience various wear and tear. With a duration of play time of about 90 minutes, and complex gameplay makes Thunder Alley as a board game that is suitable for fans of race cars.

8. Memoir 44 (Total War)
Memoir 44 is a game board that tells the world of war, in this game presents a fairly complex and tactical game flow. There are 15 playable scenarios. With an easy-to-understand game mechanism this game is deliberately designed for beginners. Players must play cards to move troops and gain tactical advantage.

9. Descent (Final Fantasy atau Skryim)
In the game, one of the players will take on the role of an Overlord capable of controlling monsters and criminals. Meanwhile, other players work together to complete the quest, collect the spoils, and fight a bunch of monsters. Like RPG games, players can improve their character and power while playing, so Descent is one of the game board that is suitable for RPG game fans.

10. Puerto Rico (Farmville)
For those of you video game enthusiasts related to taking care of the fields, try one of these gaming boards. In the game, players must take care of the fields, starting from the preparation, harvesting, storage, and selling of the crop. Puerto Rico is a fairly complex game for the board game category, during each turn play the player can choose a role, and it will determine the actions that players can take. Suppose a player takes the builder role, then your job is to build a building.

Each role has specific specific tasks and bonuses. The difficulty in this game is the player must be careful with the matter of time and choose the role, because it will affect the next game flow.

That's 10 board games inspired by popular video games, which one do you like? Write your comment in the comment field.