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10 Most Terrible Forbidden Site in the World!

Through the Internet, all the information can be obtained easily and quickly. Even today the internet is not just a media looking for information, a variety of digital transaction was started. Kan imagine how our lives if no internet today?

But not always positive, the internet can also be a terrible place. This happens because there are irresponsible parties who abuse the Internet functions, such as providing websites forbidden and terrible.

Forbidden sites of the Most Terrible

Without going into any existing Deep Web tablets horrible sites that can be accessed freely. Some indeed there are already closed or blocked, but some are still accessible to outsmart. There are also sites of horrible it is ...

1. Opentopia
In Opentopia, you can access thousands of surveillance cameras scattered in several places in several countries. Although you can not access all of the camera, but you can choose want to see surveillance cameras in the home or a particular building.

With Opentopia, clear boundaries become increasingly biased privacy. Creepy imagine it if the site is used by people who are not responsible to investigate a particular person?

2. Human Leather
Fashion goods made of leather are always expensive. But, what happens if made of human skin? Well, the site is no loh Human Leather handbags, wallets, to shoes made of human skin. It is said that there is a bag that sold for Rp395 million on this site. Horrified huh?

3. Suicide Guide
People who are more upset or depressed is strictly prohibited to open the site Suicide Guide. Because as the name suggests, the site is ready to teach you a guide to commit suicide. Makin horror, this site even lays out the percentage of risk and particular success by committing suicide. Crazy!

4. Pro Ana
Suicide is almost equal to the Guide, Pro Ana creepy sites also offer ways to commit suicide. The difference Pro Ana offered through a more gentle way, by way of an extreme diet Anorexic and Bulimic lifestyle.

This lifestyle allows you to not eat for days in order to quickly slim. Reportedly there is access of this site who died of the guidelines in this forum.

5. Hurtcore
Hurtcore is creepy websites that are ready to serve you a variety of photographs full of gore or disgusting elements of violence and blood. This site could be busy because of the torture video circulated Japanese women.

6. Cannibal Cafe
So the site has been criticized in many countries, Cannibal Cafe which was founded in 1994 is a special forum cannibals. Not only be a place of discussion, in this forbidden sites also often deals!

In Cannibal Cafe, all users can buy online human flesh! The more terrible, users can volunteered to be eaten by others. Horrified, right?

7. creepypasta
Until now creepypasta is the site's most popular online horror stories. However, in 2014 there was a 14 years old teenager stabbed his classmate because too active in forbidden sites in the world.

In the same year, reportedly there was a boy who could burn down the house and the whole family in it. He also turned out to visitors creepypasta. From then, the site is even more terrible and forbidden.

8. Plane Crash Info
Who does not cringe when they hear recordings of the last victim of the fall of the plane? Now, reportedly in Plane Crash Info sites have the best record since the 1960 downfall for you to hear. Dare?

9. Rent-a-Hitman
As the name implies, you allow the hired assassin in Rent-a-Hitman. You can hire a hitman for a variety of purposes, ranging from injuring the victim to kill him on the spot. Horrified really right?

But behind the terrible service it offers, this site has a good side. Which assassin should not be used for a target under the age of 16 years and 10 popular characters in the world.

10. Shaye Saint John
Never not imagine how to see the old school site? Try just check Shaye Saint John. This site makes terrible is the story behind the persistence to see this old school site until now.

That said, Shaye Saint John is a fictional character in the form of a creepy doll artificial Eric Fournier. Told, Shaye is a super model who had an accident. After Fournier died in 2010 ago, the site was neglected until now.

How did you dare to access forbidden sites in the world's most horrific about? Better not reckless deh, fear if one went in and did not even give themselves a strong negative impact.

Come on, be careful on the internet!



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