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13 Best Games For Brain and Boost IQ

Previous Me never discussed that the game makes you become smarter. Now Jake will give some recommendations that make a brain teaser game makes your brain work faster. Who does not want his brain to work faster? If your brain work faster, then of course the work will be more easily resolved.

Originally you know, a game that does not negatively impact your behavior. So, do not be afraid to play games, but do not get you addicted or frequency yes. Here 10+ games for brain teaser that makes your brain work smarter.

13 Best Games For Brain and Boost IQ

1. Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles

As you can see above, the difficulty of the game Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles already you can imagine to level 95. If you just start from level 1, the difficulty level is still low, but if it had been passed level 15 then the difficulty level will increase. How to play brain teaser game called Brain It On is very easy. You just have to draw something that his mission completed.

2. Brain Dots
Actually how to play the game Brain Dots is very easy. You only live draw for the second banging the ball in each stage. But do not like it, so much as the way the game is, the higher the level, the higher the level of distress. In this game you can collect a lot of pens ranging from pencil to colored pencil.

3. ∞ Infinity Loop
Infinity Loop is a game you can play in three different platforms, namely Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. How to play this brain teaser game is twofold. First you have to make all the beams are not in contact in order to proceed to the next level. Both of you must make everything come into contact as shown above.

4. Roll the Ball
In the game Roll the Ball is not only the brain is needed, but also the speed of the hand. Because in this brain teaser game you have to dribble into the red beam in order to proceed to the next level. You have to move the beam to dribble into the red beam. And in this game will be no hidden objects.

5. Unblock Me FREE
Unblock Me game you probably already know. The way the game is easy, simply shifting the red blocks to get out of the arena. This game is similar to the Roll The Ball because it also requires hand speed.

6. 2048
The 2048 Games will make the brain work faster than before. Due to how to play simple, just slide and join. This brain teaser game once occupied the top step in Google PlayStore.

7. 100 Doors
To complete the game 100 Doors, you must open the 100 door. However, each door has a different hurdle. Therefore, this game is highly dependent on your brain. Maybe you should reverse smartphone or shake your smartphone.

8. aa
From the title, you might be confused, but the title of this game is very influential in the next game because it is not only aa, there are also aa2, ff, rr, uu, sn, ki, and still others. How to play this game and then tap the numbers on the bottom and then figure numbers go up and stab the big circle, but if you're on a small circle, then you will repeat.

9. Current Stream
In the Stream Current game, you have to make everything switched. It's easy, you create a pathway so that electricity can flow in the direction of the light. How to make a lamp cord or move very easily, simply tap and the direction of the cable will move.

10. Interlocked
According to I, this game is a game very exciting and challenging. Because, in this game you make all the buildings are separated so that no remaining. At the time of playing this game, you can see the buildings Area so that makes it easy to separate them.

11. That Level Again 3
That brain teaser game called Level Again there have been two previous series, so I'll discuss the new series. Again Level 3 That's the way the game is very simple, namely forward, backward, and rising. Do not ever say this game is easy! Because this game is very difficult and make your brain drained and worked very hard.

12. Plumbers
Perhaps you are not familiar with this game. Game Plumber is a game that keeps the water flowing. In order to proceed to the next level you have to make a point so that water can flow safely to its destination. If not, there will be a flood.

13. Berburu Kata+
Look up a word is light activity but the results are very favorable. Maybe you assume paltry activity of searching for something but you are wrong. This game is very spur cooperation of the brain and eyes.

How? So, what you're interested in downloading some games above? All the above games can you download in JalanTikus or in Google PlayStore. So from now on do not ever assume it is useless to play the game yes!



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