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16 Best Android Apps Hacking Keep You Try

Android is one of the advanced operating system ever created for mobile devices. Many things can be utilized by the presence of a mobile phone technology. We can also conduct various experiments of the device. More than a technology embedded on the phone we have to agree that Android is not just a machine, but Android can now be classified as a machine small computers are versatile, especially if Android has been in a state of root then all resources available on Android will be us maximize benefits.

Because Android is an operating system that has a Linux base, no doubt if Android can also be used as a full featured hacking machinery. The developers practitioners hacking activities has made an application to assist their work. As quoted from the site techviral.com, here is the hack Android application that is often used for hacking activities.

16 Best Android Apps Hacking Keep You Try

1. arpspoof
Arpspoof is hack Android application used for network auditing made by Dug Song as part of another application that is Dsniff. The workings of this Android hack application that directs traffic on the local network by ARP Replies and send it to a specific target or to all hosts on the local network path.

2. Droid PenTest Update
Hack Android application is used to help find all the Android applications related to testing pentest for hacking activities, so that with the help of this application you will be able to have a complete tool to test pentest on a platform.

3. DroidSheep
Android hack named DroidSheep application is an Android application to analyze the security of wireless networks. In addition, this application can capture a targeted social media accounts, which means that these applications can be used for hacking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social accounts.

4. DroidSheep Guard
If DroidSheep application can be used to hijack a session in the WiFi network, then of course it is dangerous if used by people who are not responsible. Therefore the developers also create an alternative to create an antidote application named DroidSheep Guard.

5. Droidsniff
Hack Android application is also used to hijack a session in the WiFi network, which means that the target is those users who have sensitive accounts, such as credit card accounts, internet banking, social media accounts, and other accounts are deemed important.

6. Dsploit
Dsploit is hack Android application that is widely used as a tool for network analysis and pentest which aims at offering IT security expert systems in the most complete and sophisticated. This app runs only on devices already rooted.

7. Eviloperator
Android hack this app can connect two friends into a phone conversation. So with this app and think they are not aware that they were calling to one another, and then another workings of this application is that it can record and noting the call to the third party.

8. FaceNiff
Applications Android hack is similar to Firesheep is an application to hijack a special session on Firefox, but in FaceNiff does not have a particular browser, but this application is known for a special session piracy activities on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Applications developed by Bartosz Ponurkiewicz FaceNiff who also previously created Firesheep also for the Android OS.

9. Fing - Network Tools
Network Tools Fing application will search for other devices connected to the same WiFi network in just a few seconds, quickly and accurately. Therefore, this application is a professional application that is often used as a network analysis.

10. Droidsqli
Hack Android application is the first SQL injection tool for Android. You can try this application to any website that has a vulnerability to SQL injection attacks.

11. Shark
Shark applications designed to track the activities of other devices. Basically hack Android application is designed for the office staff to track down members of the office or team.

12. SMSCombo
SMSCombo application used to send an SMS with just the touch of a button. You can send a lot of SMS simply by touching a button numerous times with successively. So, the way it works similar to a broadcast or flood, it could send a message to multiple contacts at once.

13. USBCleaver
Android hack application can be used to secretly to recover information from a target Windows users. The information includes a password hash.

14. Whatsapp Sniffer
Download Whatsapp conversations your friends who are using the same WiFi network to hack Android applications, including personal conversations, audio, video, and others.

15. Wibrvlus
WIBR + is an advanced application that is often used to test the security of WiFi networks that have the authentication WPA / WPA2 PSK. This application is also used to detect wireless networks by performing network penetration method.

16. WifiKill
With WifiKill application you can enable internet connection for any device on the same network. So this application can be used to work on someone if misused.

That's some of the best Android apps for the most widely used hacking. If earlier hacking activities and pentesting possible only at the computer device but now we've been able to do so only with a mobile device. Interested to try?

Note: All content above is intended for security research purposes and should not be used illegally.



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