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3 New Ways of Knowing Password WiFi on Android

Knowing the WiFi password on the Android was not a difficult thing. If you already know the password, you will definitely make it easier to connect to WiFi with other devices.

Have you ever experienced forgotten WiFi password when trying to connect other devices on the same WiFi hotspot? If so, it seems you should try the following way.

How to know the WiFi password on Android, serves to bring the data back WiFi password before you ever connect.

How to Know the Password WiFi on Android

You need to know, the WiFi password that will be discussed in the following article is a WiFi passwords stored on your Android, and WiFi is not you forget or forget.

Before getting into the steps to find out the WiFi password on Android, make sure you're already in a state of Android root.

If you can not also, you can search on Google with the keywords: "How To Root (fill in according to your needs)"

1. How to Use WiFi Password Viewer
Download WiFi Password Viewer application (Root) and install as normal on your Android
Make sure you give root access to the application
If it is, it automatically appears along with the SSID list its WiFi Passwords

2. How to know the WiFi password on Android With WiFi Key Recovery

Download WiFi Key Recovery and install as usual on your Android.
Open WiFi Key Recovery, when the pop-up SuperSU click the Grant.

If so, automatically WiFi Key Recovery application will display all WiFi passwords stored on Android.

This application also provides features Copy Android WiFi password.

3. How To Know With FREE WiFi Password WiFi Password Recovery

Download FREE WiFi Password Recovery and install as normal on your Android smartphone.

Make sure you're already provide root access to these applications.

Once granted root access, automatically FREE WiFi Password Recovery will display a list of WiFi that never connect to your Android. To see its WiFi password, you can click the View button (eye).

WiFi password will automatically appear.

WiFi passwords that have been successfully displayed you can also share them with others.

Connected to a WiFi network is one of the best ways to access the Internet connection for free in the Android or laptop.

Some WiFi hotspots provide users' freedom when you want to connect. However, not a few hotspots that has a password when you want to connect the device.

The above three applications useful to how to know the password wiFi in Android, if you are lost or forgotten passwords WiFi you do the above.



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