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4 Best Invisible Camera app on Android

The camera application opaque and transparent camera is an application to perform photo and video see-through clothing or organs in ourselves and others.

There are many applications of invisibility outstanding camera on Android. Of the many such applications, here Almaftuchin Tech already summarizes the four best applications of invisibility camera that you can use on your Android.

4 Best Invisible Camera app on Android

1. The Moosejaw X-Ray
Mooseejaw X-Ray is an additional application invisibility camera used to see women and men's underwear when the camera application is directed at Moosejaw magazine .. Simply by pointing the camera to one of the artificial Moosejaw catalog or magazine, you can immediately see what underwear who used the model. For more details, you can see the following video:

2. Body Scanner Prank
Body Scanner Prank is invisibility camera application that can display all of the existing framework in the body. Body Scanner Prank With this application, you can work on your friends to see what was inside her body.

3. Xray Scanner Prank
Xray Scanner Prank is a camera app that can display a transparent organ in the body. How to use Xray Scanner Prank is also not difficult. The trick is that you can put Android in the left hand, then open its Xray Scanner Prank Android and tilt according to your wishes.

4. Xray Scanner Camera
Not much different from the Xray Scanner Prank, invisibility camera app Camera Xray Scanner can also be used to scan the organs in your body such as the legs, chest, head, and much more.

That's some of the best camera application in Android invisibility, if you have other applications, you can share in the comments field.