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5 Best DJ App For Android

Who does not know the DJ? DJ or Disc Jokey is someone who is skilled select and play a sound recording or music that has been recorded before, the recording media generally used is a disc or disc media. Being Disc Jokey is not an easy job. You must be painstaking practice and must be willing to spend much money in the process.

But know guns anyway? Former Brimob Gorontalo, Norman Kamaru formerly known lip sync video Chaiya Chaiya now works to be a DJ. Hah?! How come?? So, in between busy Norman Kamaru sell Manado porridge, he studied the DJ and the result is pretty good. Although relatively new as a DJ, Norman apparently is preparing a tour of Indonesia. Investigate a investigate, Norman finds himself when he became a DJ because he could express everything through music. We O We!

Well for you who want ngikutin footsteps of Norman Kamaru or weve used to want to be a DJ but constrained money, JalanTikus prepared five best DJ app on Android that you can use for practice nge-DJ. The following list of applications:

5 Best DJ App For Android

1. Edjing
Maybe you think this application is made by a Japanese musician called Ed Jing, but the real intention is e-DJing. Interface offered by this application is simple and very easy to use. Although the starters, you can still use this application properly. You only need to load two songs and the main part has been completed.

This application interface makes things easier for the novice to know more, but the most recommended is the friction between each dial and sliders. With this application you will have a fun experience in air-DJ. This application is free with in-app purchases start at $ 1:07 to $ 106.84 per item.

Features offered Edjing:

  • Automatically search for tracks.
  • It's fast and responsive.
  • No lag and stuttering even mimic dials.
  • The sound quality is mesmerizing.

2. DJ Studio 5
For those of you who are looking for applications that free nge-DJ, DJ Studio 5 offers best experience in nge-DJ. Sure, this application of In-app Purchases as the previous application, but it was not too intrusive and not obligatory. This means that almost all the features required in this application for FREE. There are several sections in this application are locked only for beginners, it's not needed.

The best part of this app is the absence of advertising, no pop-up, no banners, and other disturbing things. It makes DJ Studio 5 as the best free applications for DJs jamming. In-app purchases within this app for $ 2.49 to $ 4.99 per item.

Features offered DJ Studio 5:

  • There are ten examples of pads that can be customized.
  • Beat-based loops.
  • Can be used in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Coming with a built-in recorder that can be used to record the tune mixed yours.

3. Cross DJ
Cross DJ is one of the best views of the DJ application ability in music mixing. If you require an accurate music by mixing application, this application would fit. This application provides an accurate BPM detection from the music you play.

This application also provides features that make the best sync two tracks fit automatically. Come with a manual and a progressive pitch bend, this application is intended for those who know what they are doing and what they want to create. In-app purchases for $ 0.99 to $ 3.99 per item.

Features in the app Cross DJ:

  • Editing accurate beat-grid allows you to sync tracks.
  • Loops and Hot Cues automatically installed on the beat.
  • Application comes with a nice parallel mode waveform to check the synchronization of tracks.
  • If you are not a good pe-mixing, you can click on the option that will automatically set the track automatically.

4. Party Mixer
Party Mixer is another choice for DJs jamming through Android that allows you to set and mixing two tracks at the same time. This application allows mixing tracks and even change the Tempo and Pitch to match tracks. There is also auto-me DJ mixing songs without having to input manually. In-app purchases within this app for $ 3.99 per item.

Features offered by this application:

  • Simple to use and fun interface.
  • Easy change of Tempo.
  • Create your own playlist.
  • Allowing manually search for a song in your cell phone.

5. DJ Mix Pads
DJ Mix Pads is a great application that allows you to re-mixing songs. This application is suitable for beginners. With this application you can create and experiment with a variety of random music.

Features in this application:

  • Interface that is friendly and easy to use.
  • The sound quality is high.
  • Stunning sound effects provided many of these applications.
  • There is a synthesizer keyboard that makes these applications become more fun.



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