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5 Must-Have Gaming Accessories A True Gamers

Are you a gamer? If yes, when playing the game what might gaming accessories you need to support you play games? If you are still confused thinking about it, Jeff will lead you to the answer.

So, gaming accessories that must be owned by a gamer? Quiet, in this article will tell Jake what should be owned by the gamers to play PC games 2017.

5 Must-Have Gaming Accessories A True Gamers

1. Keyboard
Images: Razerzone
Brother, you know exactly what's like a gamer will need a keyboard when playing the game? No way you play the game to the fullest if you use a standard keyboard that is usually only used for typing of thesis.

Therefore, a gaming keyboard is also required you have, especially with the mechanical keyboard plus the lights blazing, guaranteed to play any PC game would make getting the spirit deh. Choose the most cool huh!

2. Headphone
Later, other gaming accessories that must you have is gaming headphones. Keep what is good? Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 can you make as a reference, you know. Because, at a price of $ 1 million, you can increasingly become true gamers know.

Well, Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 has the form of a large weighing 346gram weight, not too load when used on top of the head. In addition, the cup ear diameter of 56mm, meaning you will enter the ear and into the ear cup and feel the sensation of extraordinary sound that comes from 50mm audio driver. His bass voice OK really know!

Razer's new logo is on both sides, and it can be lit, you know. Deh increasingly feel when playing the game. Getting to the point, these headphones have a frequency response of 12Hz - 28kHz with a sensitive level of 123dB / 1kHz. The length of the cord itself was almost 2 meters and you can connect headphones via USB, 3.5mm jack instead of the slot.

In addition, these headphones are also supported with a microphone, so you can still communicate while playing in a game. The frequency response 100Hz to 10kHz know. So, your voice will sound clear with other people.

3. Webcam
Images: Slashgear
Guys, it's not fun if for example we play but can not be seen by our team mates. Therefore, the next best accessories for gaming is a webcam. Although not visible and not too impressive physically, but this way you will be seen by your team mates.

Interestingly, now the webcam was not just a camera just to be alone, but also can be used for scanning ourselves. Its function, in order to be able to scan driinya gamers into a favorite game that they play.

4. Mouse
Guys, aksesorsis which shall ye have for gaming is gaming mouse. And, one of the gaming mouse ideal for active gamers like you are the Razer DeathAdder Elite. Why should we be? Here Jaka gave his review for you.

Mouse one has a classic design with two large buttons on the thumb, and curves slightly to the inside along with a textured rubber grips that make up so more comfortable. Razer DeathAdder Elite itself into the class of low-profile mouse, because the surface is still using plastic material with a matte finish.

At the rear, there is a Razer logo that lights with RGB backlight (Chroma) is the same as the logo on the side of the headphones. This mouse has 7 buttons, two on the left side using the thumb, two DPI button in the middle, left and right click, and scroll wheel that can be clicked. This gaming mouse already made the switch Omron know that he can hold up to 50 million clicks.

What about the sensor? Elite Razer DeathAdder has a sensitivity range up to 16000 dpi at speeds up to 450 IPS. In addition, he also has a 2.1 meter long cable, you know. To use it, you simply plug-and-play so no need whatsoever dikustom. Interested? The price is only $ 100 anyway.

5. Mouse Pad
Images: Razerzone
Finally, for yourself you really become a true gamer, the mouse pad is not to be missed, Brader. Why? In addition to creating comfort for the mouse will be very convenient to use, the design of which is shown also provide an interesting sensation, you know.

True, you will get excited while playing a PC game like Sniper Elite 4. Your adrenaline will be more motivated, because gaming is already perfect accessories to play the game. Right?