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5 Reasons To Choose or Not to Buy Laptop with Screen 4K

Laptop with a 4K display technology has actually been around since 2014, when the screen resolution 4K still too excessive. But now, the trend has shifted visual content to the 4K format.

Compared with full HD, 4K format does give a visual appearance that is much sharper and more real. Support 4K content has also increased, a number of applications such as YouTube and Netflix has been providing 4K content.

5 reasons to buy or not to buy a laptop with a 4K display

Yes, not just video only. New games have also supported the 4K format. In addition, 4K content was also present to support virtual reality technology. However, whether to buy a laptop with a screen resolution of 4K?

Here are the reasons why you should buy a 4K screen and a reason not to buy it.

1. Graph Game Appear Very Riveting
Today there are a lot of PC games that support full 4K format, which is able to bring a new experience to play the game. Previous chart games in full HD screen to be excellent.

Unfortunately, you really need an expensive laptop with specs 'god' to play 4K with the highest graphics settings.

2. Details Amazing Images
In terms of image detail, 4K resolution display has a pixel density is denser than a laptop 4x full HD resolution. This means the resulting image is much sharper better when seen from near and far distances.

Not only that, the color produced is also much deeper so that the games are played or 4K videos you watch will be more realistic and dramatic look.

3. Suitable For Graphic Designer and Video Editor
4K screen resolution on the laptop is certainly able to deliver what is needed by professionals in the world of design, including graphic designers and video editors.

Laptops with 4K screens generally have a contrast ratio that is much better than full HD screen. High contrast ratio produce deeper black color density and the ability to produce black color variations details that support the work of graphic designers and video editors.

4. Support 4K Content for Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is a natural evolution of how people use the Internet as a communication medium. If a dozen years ago most of the Internet content is consumed in the form of text, and then photos and now videos. In the future, this role will continue to virtual reality.

But for now, the present mobile technology capable of delivering data at tens to hundreds of megabits per second. Just imagine, it takes a 4K resolution for one eye. The amount of bandwidth required would be enormous. However, VR is believed to be one of the killer app for 5G connectivity in the future.

5. Reasons Why You Need Not Screen 4K
The biggest reason why you do not need a laptop with a 4K display for today is the power problem of battery life. Without being connected to electricity were impossible laptop can last for a range of activities such as photo editing 4K, 4K video editing, video watching 4K, 4K or playing games for a long time.

That's 5 reasons to buy or not to buy a laptop with a 4K screen. In addition, the price of a laptop with a 4K screen is still relatively high for this time. Compare with full HD screen, you can get a laptop that offers the best balance between specifications and price. What do you think?



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