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6 Must-have Apps for Android that's been in Root

Most of the Android users rooting on Android to get maximum performance. Understanding Root itself simply is a process that allows users to access and run the various functions of the administrator on an Android smartphone or tablet. But sometimes there are rooting on Android but do not know after that what will be done, this time Almaftuchin Tech will distribute six mandatory application for Android already rooted.

6 Must-have Apps for Android that's been in Root


Greenify an application that is simple but very effective in improving battery life and increase the capacity of the RAM on your Android. Greenify have the functionality to create applications that you do not use the hibernate or that can be called with sleep. With this hibernate function that the application can not run in the background, providing notifications and more until you run the application again.
Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is an application that is suitable for you who like to flash on your Android. As the name implies, this application serves to provide backup to the data and ROM you are using. Titanium Backup also gives you choice to backup the entire data or only certain data, in addition you can also create a backup schedule and turn off unused applications.

Link2SD a mandatory application on Android you have already rooted, because by using this application then you can move and install an application or game from the internal memory to external memory. This is certainly suitable application for Android smartphones with internal memory capacity is small.
Adblock Plus

One of the goals of people doing Root is to remove the ads commonly found in the app or when browsing. Now Adblock Plus you can use to get rid of the ads that appear on your Android.


Here it is, the game lovers to download Freedom mandatory for using this application you can buy gems or diamonds or anything in the game without spending a cent pun.Freedom works by passing the security of the license verification and also update from the Play Store. But be aware of how to use because it affects the access to the Play Store.
Xposed Installer

This application is used to perform editing by dismantling APK Android app, or in short we can modify without changing ROM without flashing the APK and Android.

Six applications were above the mandatory application JalanTikus recommend if you have an Android already rooted, so how about Android you? Please share Android mandatory application root your version below.



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