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6 Tricks Easy And 100% WORK To Improve Computer Performance

Everyone has to use a computer or laptop for everyday purposes, either for work or school projects or school. To support your routine computer was also crammed with a variety of applications used.

However, it is unfortunate if the computer you already have a sufficient specification but its performance gradually decreases. To the solution, here are 6 tricks improve computer performance easily and quickly!

6 Tricks to Improve Computer Performance Easily and Quickly

1. Uninstall Applications Rarely Used
Uninstall the apps that are rarely used will improve computer performance and relief of storage space. Erase your application is rarely about two to three months. In Windows, you can perform the "Uninstall or change a program" that is available in the Settings menu.

For some applications even you can use the web version or portable so that it can be stored in the flash. In addition, you should regularly do computer cleaning process, for example using CCleaner application.

2. Always Doing Update
Many people avoid the process of updating both operating systems and applications, with a variety of reasons, such as quotas wasteful, complicated, and so forth. Always perform the update process will in fact create a computer's performance to be better and faster than before.

The update process also increases the level of security on your computer. Those who do not want complicated with affairs of the update, you can enable the auto-update feature when your computer is connected to internet access.

3. Note Applications Running in the Background
The performance of a computer one caused by a number of applications running in the background. The number of applications running in the background of overload performance of the hardware on the computer.

Therefore, you should check what applications are running in the backgroud by opening the Task Manager window. You can improve the performance of your computer by using a variety of PC Booster program is available on the internet.

4. Do not Forget to Use Antivirus
When you surf the Internet, might not realize there is a wide range of malware and adware infecting your computer. Malware will give a negative effect certainly affect computer performance.

To counteract this, many antivirus and internet security applications that can be used, for example, Kaspersky, Avira, Avast !, and so on. Various antivirus you can download for free or paid with a more complete feature.

5. Cleaning Hardware Regularly
In addition to making improvements to the software side, you also must pay attention to the cleanliness of the hardware on the computer. Dust to accumulate hardware will suppress the impact on computer performance.

Use simple cleaning tools, such as brushes, cotton buds, and a cloth to clean the computer, especially on the casing. On a laptop, note the exhaust fan hole, should not be stacked with layers of dust to keep the air circulating.

6. Reinstall Operating System
Most people do when they felt reinstall the computer's performance decreases. With the process quick and easy passable, reinstall can be done by first doing a backup on the data that is still needed.

A reinstall can automatically delete all applications installed on the computer. The next step is to reinstall the application that needed it in order not to burden the computer's performance.

Well, that's 6 steps quickly and easily improve the performance of the computer. There are still other ways to improve computer performance such as disk cleanup and defragging. Which did you do? Do not forget to share in the comments field!