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7 Application Hacking Android Turns Useless in 2017

Android has many kinds of cool applications that can be used to its users, one example is the Android hacking applications.

Although today there are more applications created Android hack, not a few of Reviews those applications that do not work like what it described as following applications.

The following Android hacking application offers a variety of interesting features in the description. But it turns out, most of these features do not work to make it one of the applications that are not useful.

Any application that turns your Android hacking is not useful? Here's the full review.

Hacking Android application that Turns Useless

1. WiFi Key Recovery (needs root)
WiFi Key Recovery is an Android application created by Akexandros Schillings. Most people are confused with the usefulness of this application. They thought that this app can break down the wifi password, but can only know the wifi password stored on Android.

2. Hack Cheat Mod Game Installer
Installer- Hack Cheat Mod Game adalha an Android application that is claimed to make modifications to a variety of well-known game titles. Its function almost like Xmodgames, but it turns out this application has a lot of advertising and not all games support modified.

3. WiFi Hacker ULTIMATE
WiFi Hacker ULTIMATE is an Android application that is claimed to be used for hacking password-protected WiFi networks. But it turns out, does not function as expected.

4. Caller ID & Number Locator
Caller ID & Number Locator also become one of the applications that are not useful. When inputting a phone number, the application displays a random location where the number is located.

Despite its locator number is not functioning optimally, you can still use the other functions of the application Caller ID and Number Locator as Call Blocker, Contacts & Call log, and the country code in the world.

5. Gems Cheat for Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans is one of the most phenomenal Android game ever. People use a variety of ways to get free Gems.

An application for Gems Cheat Clash of Clans utilize it to make the application. When tested, it turns out app will not give you anything.

6. Card Credit Card Hack
CardHack Credit Card offers a variety of credit card numbers from a variety of well-known banks. This app will provide a credit card number at random, instead of only 16 single number, expiry date and CVV (the number on the back of the card) can also be obtained via this application.

Pretty cool right? However, because the numbers are generated randomly by CardHack Credit Card application, you will not be able to use the credit card data for any purpose.

7. Shadow
Shadow Keylogger is an application for Android. Application is claimed can record keystrokes that occur on a variety of Android smartphones and paired this application. When tested, it turns out Android Shadow Keylogger application is not able to do so.