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7 Applications Android Hacking Required You Try!

In today's digital world can not be separated from the name hack. Almost all digital sector has a weak point, where the points is exactly what is used by hackers to sneak in. Question is, can be used for hacking the Android app?

If you do not know, actually a lot of hacking applications for the Android operating system that you can use. Tools Android hack is typically used for security tester by the ethical hackers and everyone was very infatuated with the world of technology in depth. Therefore, let's check the Android hacking mandatory application you have on your beloved smartphone.

7 Application Hacking Android Mandatory You Try

1. Hackode
Hackode a hack application which is used by device-device with Google's operating system. This application serves to identify the weaknesses in the security system by penetration testers, ethical hackers, IT administrators, and cyber security professionals. If you're good at, you can try this app and share your experience here yes.

2. Zanti
Zanti a comprehensive toolkit to diagnose network that is able to activate the audit and penetration test is complex only with a key. Then, the incoming reports will be cloud-based, and will guide you through a simple guide so that you can ensure that the network remains safe to use.

3. DroidSheep
DroidSheep a hacking application that can be used by any users of Android-based devices. Well, this application can test the security of your account on the website anything that has a registration system to tap into it. Then, by using this application, you can test its safety, so that if it is proven unsafe, you can unsubscribe at the website.

4. dSploit
dSploit is an application dikes to analyze the network and a series of penetration. Penetration by is intended for the IT security expert or enthusiast digital world so that they see the most complete professional toolkit and sophisticated. What for? This application aims to assess network security on mobile devices. Cool is not it?

5. Shark for Root
Applications that work on Android hack is an application that can function even if only connected to a 3G network. Shark for Root will open dump that using WireShark and similar software. This application is based on tcpdump. What it tcpdump? Tcpdump is a tool that serves to capture, read, or men-dumping packets being sent through TCP.

6. Nmap
Nmap or abbreviation of network mapper is a network scanner which is different from the scanner in general. Previously, Nmap itself was developed only for Unix OS. However, now available on Android as well as Windows. After you successfully scan the network, then the result will be sent by email which you registered.

7. SSHDroid
SSHDroid is an Android application that is able you trust to do a hack. SSH itself is a best protocol that provides an additional layer of security that is able you connect to the machine controller. Well, SSHDroid itself is a SSH server implementation for Android operating system. Thus, the application is able to connect your device via the PC and is able to execute commands such as terminals and adb shell.

Well, that's 7 hacking app for Android that you can use and you use to perform the hack. Remember, do not make this application as a tool to do negative actions and make hacking cases yes. Share your opinion!