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8 Features Stunningly Found in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +

Excitement as can not be covered up by nearly gadget lovers worldwide. Yes, after the president of Samsung's Mobile Communications, DJ Koh officially introduce the birth Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 + in the "unpacked 2017" in New York.

Samsung's flagship smartphone look stunning with screen design called "Infinite Display" with almost no bezel at the top and bottom. The face looks almost entirely dominated by the screen.

Samsung uses Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 835 for the US market and the Exynos 8995 chipset for the international market. Pre-orders in Indonesia was opened on April 8, 2017, Galaxy S8 will be sold for Rp10.5 million and Galaxy S8 + priced Rp12 million.

8 Features captivating Found in Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +

Still on the curious dong, specifications and any superior features brought by Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 +? Here Jaka summarize, all the features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 + mandatory you know.

1. New Design with Infinity Display
In line with a growing trend, the new Samsung uses an aspect ratio of 18.5: 9 called Infinity Display. You're right, this is the same as the screen 'Univisium' used LG G6.

So the Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + capable of maintaining similar dimensions to the Galaxy S7, but with a larger screen and higher. Approximately 83 percent dominated by the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 carries a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED screen and Galaxy S8 + 6.2 inch, with a resolution of 1440x2960 pixels WQHD. Although, by default the display screen resolution is full HD.

2. Asisten Digital Bixby
Bixby is based AI digital assistant that is able to learn the users, helping users and change the way you use your smartphone.

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first smartphone that has a physical button for calling Bixby. One of its features is the introduction of an object, which can scan products while shopping, identify landmarks, read the text, and more.

Bixby also can use the camera to recognize and translate text in real time.

3. Haptic Feedback Engine
Brings the screen 'Infinity Display', makes the Samsung should be willing to remove the typical physical home button. Fingerprint sensor was moved back to the place next to the camera.

Even so, you can still feel the response 'clicky' when pressing the home button. Because Samsung embed haptic feedback engine in the navigation buttons on-screen Galaxy S8. Samsung calls this feature as 'Invisible Home Button'.

4. Improved Camera
As if not to follow the flow of the follow immerse dual camera technology. Samsung prefers to focus on improving technology that makes the Dual Pixel got faster autofocus and precision.

The main camera is still carrying size 12 MP and aperture f / 1.7. Meanwhile, 8 MP front camera complete with face-detection autofocus.

Samsung itself promises a better software for the terms of the camera, with built-in HDR mode that makes low-light performance the better. Also new filters and stickers, as can be found in third-party applications that Snapchat and Instagram.

5. Scanner Iris and Face Recognition
Samsung also brings advantages Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 + namely iris scanning and facial recognition. So you can unlock more quickly.

Iris scanner is a feature that uses the unique characteristics of the iris of your eyes to form an intricate pattern that will strengthen the security of the device. You can use the data slice you to unlock, verify the Samsung account, sign in to a website or a variety of other things.

6. Samsung DEX
Accessories DEX enhance Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 +. Because the device is able to turn a smartphone into a desktop PC. You can connect the smartphone to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to increase productivity.

Samsung does not develop this feature alone, the company is collaborating with Adobe and Microsoft to get a ready-made custom applications to support the business.

7. Bluetooth 5
Samsung Galaxy S8 be the first smartphone to embed features Bluetooth Bluetooth 5. 5 Now it offers two times better speed and four times farther than Bluetooth 4.2, which means that the connection remains connected to a distance of 240 meters.

The bandwidth of Bluetooth 5 itself is also more powerful, allowing the Galaxy S8 can connect two headphones at the same time at the same time. So, you can still listen to the songs even wear headphones while with gebetan.

8. Most Powerful Chipset
As usual, Samsung uses two different chipsets. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 for the US market and Samsung Exynos 8895 for the whole world, both of which are the most powerful mobile chipsets today.

Samsung feels quite by combining the amount of 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal storage that can be upgraded via a microSD card.

Samsung ensures, Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 + can be ordered in Indonesia from 18 April to midnight black color options, orchid gray, arctic silver, coral blue, and gold maple.

You will not only get the completeness S8 Galaxy, Samsung certainly participate include AKG headphones.



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