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Battery Powered Seawater? Coming Soon to Be There!

Can sea water into a source of energy which is better? This time we got the best battery is lithium-ion. These batteries store more energy in a smaller and lighter package. But the battery in a variety of electronic devices has some drawbacks.

The materials used to make these batteries is not very abundant in nature so that they tend to be expensive. These batteries are also still vulnerable to fire and have a shelf-life is not long.

Therefore, Professor Youngsik Kim and engineers at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea developed a seawater battery. As the name implies, these batteries use water and salt as a source of power.

Sodium is very abundant in the earth so that the battery will be much cheaper and reduce the possibility of burning incident.
Researchers believe in the future of seawater could become a major energy storage. Moreover, because the world needs to switch on renewable energy. This energy can then be used as a backup for residential, business, and ships.

How it works is similar to sea water batteries lithium-ion. The structure is the same, simply replacing the lithium with sodium.

These batteries to extract sodium ions from seawater when given an electric current, and then stores the energy in the cathode compartment. Thus, the sea water here working as the electrolyte.
When the energy flow is stopped, then released from the sodium anode which then reacts with water and oxygen on the cathode of sea water to form sodium hydroxide.

Currently litrik battery output is still lower than lithium-ion. Therefore, researchers are trying to make these batteries in a variety of sizes and shapes to increase its power.

The plan next year they produced a battery that can provide electricity to the house the family of four people.