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Here are the 5 Most Frequently Played Games by YouTuber!

Most people must have played the game whether in the Android smartphone, iOS, even in old school. Games can indeed cure boredom and eliminate fatigue from daily routine or work.

Many types of games that can be played gamers. Starting from online and offline games. Well, here Jaka will discuss 7 favorite games YouTuber and YouTube 2017 audience. Curious what games are played and most clay on youtube? Here's the full review.

Here are the 5 Most Frequent Games Played by YouTuber

1. Dota 2
This game release in July 2013 and became the most popular game or multiplayer online battle arena. Many of you like to play this game right? There are also many YouTubers from around the world, including from Indonesia, who often upload video games about Dota 2. One of them call it a beautiful gamer Donna Visca.

2. The Sims
The sims which is a life simulation game is very interesting to play. This game is always updated with the latest version to make the players more comfortable to live simulation of their lives in a game. YouTuber Indonesia also likes to play this game, including YouTuber gaming girl.

3. Five Night At Freddy Series
Rank 3 there is Five Night At Freddy Series. Indie game with point and click gameplay. You have to survive with a puppet attack, and if you fail, the doll will eat you alive.

This game is quite successful to scare the players. And seeing the frightening expressions of the YouTubers playing this game can be an entertainment for the YouTube audience.

4. Grand The Auto Series
Furthermore, there is Grand The Auto Series, commonly called the GTA and who the heck does not know this game? The first lyrical GTA V game on the PS3 in 2013 following the PC version in 2014. In this game, we are free to do as we please and act criminally.

5. MineCraft
Finally, there is MineCraft. This game will be released in 2011 and is enriched in creativity and development that allows players to construct textured cubes in the 3D world. This game is so popular that so many YouTubers abroad and Indonesia who become YouTuber Minecraft.