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Here's 4 Reasons Had First IDM Download!

Who does not know the Internet Download Manager or IDM? Software is known to increase the speed of downloading a file of up to 5-fold. Naturally, if the prima donna.

Unfortunately for using IDM full version, users will have to pay or buy it. So that not infrequently users who do not want to buy using the IDM results of crack. Though dangerous tablets and vulnerable to hackers! IDM download original passable ONLY! These reasons have to download the original IDM origin for you who download it. Noteworthy yes

3 Reasons Should the IDM Download Original

By downloading IDM crack results, you can make use of the full version of IDM without having to pay. But with the number of IDM's reseller in Indonesia, why not just buy the original? Because ..

1. Crack IDM Results Accompanied by Virus
To change the paid version so complimentary IDM, cracker embed special files that have been modified. Well, the embedded file is usually a script virus that will turn off the computer system. Well, this virus can damage the whole computer you know if the trend continues!

2. Spyware Threats in IDM Pirated
Instead of damaging the computer, spyware will only spy on your activity. Horrified, right? Well, usually spyware is always contained in the file crack or patch, such as the results of IDM crack.

If it gets installed, then all your activities will be recorded by the spyware spreader. Even spyware can steal personal data such as premium account (username and password) that you use.

3. So More Lost quota and Bandwidth
Another danger of the IDM results could make the crack is wasteful quota. How come? Because the IDM that has been cracked by a particular script will suck up a high bandwidth if used to download the file hoster. Not just wasteful data quota, you can also banned hosting providers know!

4. Features Download Limited
Although it can feel premium feature, but the ability of the results of crack download IDM IDM is not equal to the original. Even some file hoster close access download of IDM crack proceeds know! Not bad you can not download it if?

It was her fourth danger of using IDM crack that should be a reason for you to download and purchase the original IDM. Gak deh loss to spend money to buy the original IDM license so that the download you can more quickly and safely!



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