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How to Easily Move Android Apps to SD Card Without Root

Maybe for some people who are already in kedaan root Android, of course it's easy to do anything, including moving applications from internal to external memory. However, what about the people who have dared to do Rooting but want to move their applications into the SD Card?

Of course there are many factors, ranging from the internal storage medium thinning to other factors. Now Jack wants to share Android Application Easy Ways to Move to SD Card Without Rooting Process.

Tools and Preparation

  • Your Android Devices
  • Data cable
  • USB Driver (depending on the brand of each, and make sure it is installed)
  • MoveToSD file (this is not an application, but the DAT format file that will run on the computer). Download here: MoveToSD.

Steps Move Android Apps to SD Card Without Root
Before you begin, make sure that you are already active Debugging Mode. Here's how: go to Settings> Developer options> (Tick) USB Debugging.
Plug it in and connect your Android to your computer using a data cable (USB), and make sure it is securely connected.

After that, Extract File MoveToSD.zip who have downloaded earlier. There will be several files, run files named "Enable Move to SD.bat".
It will appear CMD (Command Prompt). Let it go, wait a while to complete.

If looks are successful, it's time to try. Go to Settings> Manage Applications, then select the application you want to move, then click Move to SD Card.
How the above applies to Android are not yet rooted. If Android you're already rooted, there is an easier way, namely by using Link2SD.

This method has not been attempted by all devices. Therefore, all the possibilities that happens is beyond the responsibility of Almaftuchin Tech.



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