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If the Charge While You See Ad 'DU' Malware, Uninstall This Apps 4.9 2358 1379

If the Charge While You See Ad 'DU' Malware, Uninstall This Apps

As the most popular operating system in the world, the threat of malware on Android is as if not endless. There is just a new type of malware that turns, some of which are very dangerous because it can steal the contents of the data on the smartphone. However, there are also malware that are just annoying. As malware Jaka discuss below, quoted from WonderHowTo.

This malware infiltrate in the source application trusted application store Google Play Store. So, there are some apps have received an update that contains the add-on is not desirable, that raises DU service ads. Whether it's DU Battery Boost, Quick Charge DU, DU Speed Booster, Boost Charge DU, DU Speed Charge, and others. Then, how to remove malware in Android that has been infected?

Uninstall Apps It! If the Charge While You See Ad 'DU' Malware
Actually, malware is not too dangerous, but the add-ons DU took over the smartphone's lock screen or lockscreen you to show ads when a smartphone is charging or charged. The most annoying part of this malware is hidden inside other applications. So as to remove malware in Android that has been contracted to be quite difficult.

Reports said it was the work of application developers who want to earn extra revenue from advertising to include advertising services 'DU' on the applications they develop. Unfortunately, Google itself has not made efforts to block all applications that allegedly compromised advertising services 'DU' very disturbing.

So far there has been no reported harmful and show ads only on the lockscreen when the smartphone is in charge. But, however it is very annoying is not it? For now, the solution to remove the virus in Android 'DU' This is a different application believed to be the source of the malware. You can see a list of the application below.

  • 360 Security
  • Amber Weather Wiget
  • App2SD
  • AppLock
  • ES File Explorer (note below about this app)
  • ES AppLocker
  • Flashlight & LED Torch
  • FotoRus - Photo Editor
  • GO Keyboard
  • GO SMS Pro
  • GO Weather
  • HiFont
  • iMuslim
  • InstaMag - Photo Collage
  • Ringtones Wallpapers KittyPlay
  • LOCX App Lock
  • Next Browser
  • Photo Collage Editor
  • Photo Editor Pro
  • PIP Camera-Photo Editor
  • Sharecloud
  • Solo Launcher
  • TouchPal Keyboard
  • TrustGo Ad Detector
  • UC Browser
  • xbrowser
  • Xbrowser - Super Fast & mini
  • xender
  • Z Camera

The above list of applications is not a complete list. So, there may be more applications tersisipi DU malware that is not listed above. In addition, some developers also an update to remove the malware.