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Not Nails, It Makes Quick Scratched screen Smartphone!

Due to come into direct contact, touch screen smartphone problematic vulnerable. From stain the fingers, dead pixels up to scratch on the smartphone screen Surely you've ever experienced, right?

Of all the problems of the smartphone screen, the scratches on the screen most Ngeselin. How not, the scratches on the screen smartphone not only making visible defects, but also makes the selling price decline. Actually, what makes a smartphone screen scratched?

Cause Scratched screen Smartphone

Operated with a finger, it is not impossible if you think that causes the nail panjanglah smartphone screen scratched. Though the causes of scratched screens are the most common:

1. Sand
Sand is the most frequent cause scratches gently on the market. Not only coarse sand, but coarse dust that is on the table or clothes pockets can also cause scratches loh!

2. Coins

You often keep the smartphone in your pocket or purse? If so, do not unite your smartphone with coins yes. Because if the coin give excessive pressure on the smartphone display, the result would make the screen scratched.
Not only scratches on the screen, coins can also cause scratches on the body of the smartphone. Therefore always note where you save the smartphone yes.

3. Jack Headphone
So that the headphone cord does not tangle, how to outsmart is by wrapping the cable to the smartphone. The mistake is when you wrap the headphone cord, part of its audio jack often scratch the screen.

How To Prevent Smartphone To Not Easily Scratched

So that your smartphone is not easily scratched, do not be lazy to coat your smartphone with scratch-resistant. Because even though the smartphone you already use a layer of Gorilla Glass or Dragon Tail, still scratches from objects earlier will still damage your smartphone.



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