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Really Smartphone Body Metal Battery wasteful?

In the era of the all-powerful as it is today, developments are very powerful smartphone. In the past, you are only able to use the phone for SMS and telephone. Now, only in the hands have you been able to carry out any work.

More interesting again, once it was only HP berbodi thick with plastic material, there is now a smartphone metal tips and comfortable when held. But why identical metal smartphone battery wasteful huh?

Metal Smartphone Body Excellence

It's what's smartphone metal body? You see, the benefits of using a smartphone with a metal-plated body is its ability to be a better heat release. Thus, problems such as overheating can be overcome with good.

In addition, of course, when using this metal berbodi smartphone prestige will be higher, because the mobile phone metal body is synonymous with expensive smartphones. Moreover, if the smart smartphone vendors to make the design of the smartphone itself.

Meizu M5 Note, Luxury Design and Long Lasting Battery

Well, when it comes to the prestige of the smartphone metal design in smartphones usually expensive, the Meizu M5 Note could answer it all. If you questioned why smartphone metal body that is more wasteful batteries, you will not find it to be. How come?

Of course, in addition to luxurious design of Meizu's Android smartphone has a battery capable of 4.000mAh. Interestingly, when the battery runs out, you can recharge the battery only 30 minutes and get a result at the level of 62%. Features rare instead nan smartphone affordable price.

Unique Features Best Performance

Nowadays, many smartphones that put the fingerprint sensor on the back. But, if examined more deeply, it actually makes the smartphone less beautiful. In Meizu M5 Note, the fingerprint sensor is embedded in the home button. Cool again, if you want to unlock you just take as much as 0.2 seconds. WOW!

Maybe talk about the fingerprint sensor that is standard. But, the home button on the M5 Note Meizu called mBack, can serve as a back button, fingerprints, as well as multitasking. Unique huh? So, it will provide a new experience for you, you know.

And what about the specification of Meizu M5 Note? Of course it is agile. M5 Note Meizu itself has 3GB of RAM and a supported spec octa-core processor 2.0 GHz64-bit MediaTek Helio P10. So, play the game Android heavyweight you can still count on.

Despite that good, there is one more thing that is interesting, that is wrapped with interface Flyme 6. How interesting? With Flyme 6, the display M5 Note Meizu will look simple and elegant. In fact, color is transparent and bright and can show a sense of excitement and high dynamic.

Legit camera and Affordable Prices

Not complete when talking Android smartphone but do not talk about the camera. Meizu was already embedded M5 Note 13MP main camera f / 2.2 front camera and 5MP f / 2.0. Maybe normal hearing, but in the back, the camera already has the technology PDAF know. So, will focus quickly.

Continue, costs how much bro? As already mentioned, the price is affordable, at just under $ 3 million anyway.

So, who said metal was wasteful batteries smartphone? Meizu wear M5 Note, in addition to luxury with cast metal, this smartphone battery saving anyway. Already so, riveting specifications and price is too cheap.