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Terrible, 5 People Killed Play This Game!

Play the game should be their own entertainment to relieve tired and bored of the daily routine. So do not be surprised if in a smartphone or PC of yours there are many fun games are usually played to lose track of time.

With more and more fun games and cool choice, people are easily hooked on a game. In fact, there are tables of people who died of gaming!

People It Died Because of Play Games

Addicted to gaming and addictive smartphone game was equally not good. Even harmful. The proof, these 5 people to be killed because of addictive gaming.

1. Lee Seung Seop
Korea is famous for its technological development, including about the game. Well, a man named Lee Seung Seop died from exhaustion should play the game. How come? He played the game Star Craft for 50 hours non-stop!

2. Xu Kaixiang
Still in Asia, a Singapore man also died playing the game. All night playing video games, Xu Kaixiang was found dead in front of a computer screen that lights up.

3. Russell Shirley
Exploring the world of Diablo Lord of Terror is indeed intriguing. Naturally, if hooked to complete each mission. But if done excess can cause fatigue!
As Russell Shirley who died playing Diablo III. He died allegedly due to have died from exhaustion in front of the monitor.

4. Peter Bukowsky
Berzerk is also a game that is notoriously difficult to conquer. So naturally, if it can achieve the highest score gives excessive euphoria. As Peter Bukowsky, he was found dead due to play the game. He allegedly excessive agitated for scoring the highest score in the game Berzerk.

5. Rebecca Collen Christie
Instead he died from playing the game. Rebecca Collen Christie child who is 3 years old actually starve to death because she was too busy playing game World of Warcraft. The impact, he had been in prison for 25 years.

Scary-scary right effect playing this game? Therefore, you do not get too crazy with the game yes! Play the game should be wise.



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