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This is 5 Programmer Famous Beautiful Women Around the World

For those who work in the IT world certainly is not foreign to hear the name programming. Moreover, in the era of the all this technology, programming becomes a very promising career nowadays. Work on this one he said is dominated by men. Says who?

Through this article, Jaka prove that the programmer is not just men who can, but a lot of beautiful women who can become a reliable and well-known programmer in the world. Who are they? Come on, we just see who those programmers beautiful women and famous around the world.

This is 5 Programmer and Famous Beautiful Women Around the World!

1. Jade Raymond
Have you ever played the game Assassin's Creed? If so, you would be very surprised to know that the programmers who create the PC cool and interesting game that is a beautiful woman named Jade Raymond. Jade itself served as Managing Director of Ubisoft developer located in Toronto.

Programmer beautiful woman is also one of the founder of Electronic Arts Movie Studios and founder of Ubisoft Toronto. Jade has been successfully graduated from St. George's School of Montreal and Marianopolis College. He began his career as a programmer Sony and started his work as a producer on The Sims Online.

2. Sara Haider
You know who works as a Software Engineer at Twitter is? Yes, that person is a woman named Sara Haider. Sara is a specialist in the development of Android applications. Before joining Twitter, he has worked as a PA Consulting Group and Google.

Wow, cool huh? Oh yes, Sara Haider is also the brains of 6 seconds of video services on Twitter are called Vine. Unfortunately, Twitter has closed the service. If you have a wife like Sara Haider, you do not need to be smarter ready for him?

3. Corrinne Yu
If you are a true gamer, you know with the name Corrinne Yu. Yu is a game programmer, a graduate of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. There, he learned about the Electrical Engineering before starting his career as a professional programmer.

The work is the first game that made King's Quest. Currently, he works as a Principal Engine Architect at Microsoft Studios. Her contribution to the program has produced world famous games like Borderlands, Zombie, Unreal Engine 3, and Brothers.

4. Amanda Wixted
Looking for iPhone users? If true, and you are crazy about iPhone games, so that's the reason fixed on Amanda Wixted. Because, Amanda is a person who has an important role in the game Farmville. Do you also play these games?

Amanda Wixted was born on 23 November 1981. He is a computer game programmer and is the founder of Meteor Grove Software. He completed his studies at the University of Arizona in 2005. Amanda started his work into a game programmer for SkillJam. When he worked at SkillJam, he was also part-time job at Zynga and Instagram.

5. Tracy Chou
Tracy Chou is a gorgeous female programmer who has a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Master of Computer Science. Tracy has an amazing career paths in various leading companies such as Pinterest, Quora, and interned at Rocket Fuel Inc., Google, and Facebook.

In 2015, in February, Tracy became a consultant in the United States Digital Service as a consortium of technology practitioners, who tried to make the system more efficient government of the United States. Cool, if any one of you who has the ability to like him?

This is the 5 programmers famous beautiful women in the world. Is one of the programmers at the top there that inspire you? Share your opinion through a comment below.