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This is the Android Application Mandatory In-install If You Want To Be A Programmer 4.9 2358 1379

This is the Android Application Mandatory In-install If You Want To Be A Programmer

So many programming languages currently in force, which means the rapid growth of the world of technology, more and more learning programming that appears and of course very expensive. You can see for yourself where existing programming courses. Per hour can be up to hundreds of thousands to millions. When in fact we can learn on their own just by relying on exercise.

But the growth and development of technology allows us to find and review information about one of them in learning programming. One example, so many Android application developers who do not have the educational background of programming. Therefore, let us not lose especially if we are in the IT world.

Mandatory Android applications installed If You Want To Be A Programmer
So how? Here, I use an application that is quite popular to learn to program. Here are listikal application to learn programming.

1. Learn HTML
This one application useful for you to like about the layout of the web is HTML language or the stands is Hyper Text Mark-up Language. Very mengasikan study methods are coupled with an interesting exercise, which certainly adds to knowledge of HTML programming you every day.

2. Learn CSS
If this one is intended for anyone who wants to learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). CSS language is used to beautify the web page or can be called its graphics design of a web, the learning method was also not boring because we will be a continuous exercise.

3. Learn Javascript
This one particular application you are willing to learn JavaScript, the language used to create a web into a more dynamic and interactive. In a study on the application we can create your own JavaScript in Android and can certainly see the results.

4. Learn PHP **
The next is to learn PHP applications, but not for Giving False Hope yes, but Hypertext Preprocessor. This language is a programming language that is quite popular and tend to be difficult, but it can be easy if you're at it. Once you can master this language you are already guaranteed to make a high-standard web and certainly useful.


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