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10 Boss In The Most Easy Game Beaten, What Is Created Yes?

Boss or King in a game has always been the most feared gamer ynag. Because the Boss is often troublesome because it is difficult to beat. Moreover, this must be done so that a game we can save.

However, whatever goal he made, in some games there is a boss that is very easy to beat. It's even easier than the usual enemies in the game. Here are 10 Boss in the most easily defeated game.

10 Boss In The Most Easy Game Beaten, What Is It Made?

1. Professor Nakayama (Borderlands 2)
Released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, this game is exciting and good to play, especially if you are a fan of the game with First Person Shooter mode. However, in this game there is a pretty strange thing, where when you meet Boss named Professor Nakayama. In fact you do not really fight it. He will be out of his lab. Instead of preparing for a fight, he slipped and fell from the ladder until his blood was gone and died instantly. It's really tragic.

2. Lucien (Fable II)
This PC and Xbox 360 game has stunning action and some pretty tough levels, making you feel at home to keep playing. However, there are things that are a bit disappointing when you make it to the last level and against the Final Boss. Lucien's character is the last King in this game, in which his appearance suggests he is a formidable Boss. But, the opposite happened. You can beat him with just one shot. Yes, just one and he will die.

3. Mysterio (Spider-Man 2)
The game is quite popular on the PlayStation 2 console, Spider-Man 2 is presenting a game that is quite addictive and exciting. In this game, there is a Boss character named Mysterio, where during the first meeting in the theater he was a gigantic and quite troublesome. During the second meeting, you'll catch a normal-sized Mysterio, robbing a shop. When going against it he looks much stronger with a blood capacity of up to three layers. However, you just launched a blow, and he immediately lost.

4. Waddle Dee (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
No words can be expressed other than to laugh out loud against one of the Boss in this game. Is a remake version released on the Nintendo DS handheld, Kirby Super Star Ultra has one battle with a Boss that is quite 'shuffle' the stomach. In one stage you will enter an arena to fight King Waddle Dee, where you simply swallow it round to defeat him.

5. Cloud 'N Candy (Yoshi's Story)
In addition to Kirby, Yoshi's character in the game Yoshi's Story also has the experience of eating Boss. However, the games released on the Nintendo 64 console is more fun when the scene takes Boss. Yoshi will be confronted with a cloud-shaped King of Sweets, where his way of defeating him by just licking him down, even this makes your blood refilled.

6. Big Bob Omb (Super Mario 64)
Today we may be preoccupied with one of the legendary game sequels released on Android, namely Super Mario Run. This time we do a little flashback on the game Super Mario 64 which was released for Nintendo 64. One of the Big Bob Omb Boss named in the form of a large bomb and looks hard conquered.

But, this one boss seemed to be nothing, he just walked very slowly and almost without any resistance. To defeat it we simply direct Mario to lift and slam it, then lift and slam it again, until the King finally gives up.

7. Bob the Goldfish (Earthworm Jim)
The famous game on the SEGA and SNES consoles, it has a Boss character that will make us shake our heads. I do not know what the intentions of the game maker include the characters Bob the Goldfish as King in this game. Because this character is just a goldfish chef who is in a round aquarium. Yes, that's it, nothing special. You just walk toward Bob, and voila! Eat the fish.

8. Golem Overlord (Chrono Trigger)
Back to the Nintendo DS handheld, where there is a legendary RPG game titled Chrono Trigger. In the 20th Boss fight, instead of presenting an exciting battle over a flying plane, this one King is so easy to beat.

Despite having a thick enough blood, a King named Golem Overlord will never attack, so you just attack him constantly to death. I do not know what that means, maybe Golem characters can not attack for fear of heights.

9. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
Still around the legendary RPG game, Final Fantasy is also not free from the peculiarities of the Boss is easily defeated. Here you will be dealing with a long-haired white long-haired character, Sephiroth. Unfortunately he is very easy to beat, even too easy because with just one attack. You just use the Omnislash skill once, and Sephiroth is gone.

10. Papu Papu (Crash Bandicoot)
Okay, surely many of you are fond of and probably still likes to play one of the best games on the PlayStation console. Even the good news, advanced this game will soon release on the PlayStation 4 in the near future. Yes, Crash Bandicoot, where he is also very famous in the Crash Team Racing racing game.

Perhaps you guys who have played this game, will agree that Boss Papu Papu is very easy to beat. We simply avoid the swung stick, then avoid the final blow, and step on it. About three to four times, Papu Papu will lose.

Yes, that was 10 Boss in Ggame the most easy to beat. Maybe the Boss is made to bring the impression antimainstream huh? At least it makes it easier for us to play.



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