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5 Cheap Smartphone Accessory Considered Trivial But Very Useful

Some people are not so concerned about the presence of some accessories for smartphones because they do not know the actual function. Some of the cheap accessories that are sold sometimes also do not include usage so that it seems less cool appearance. Quite a lot of smartphone accessories are sold very cheap and has a very useful function.

The accessories in question here are ranging from smartphone holder, smartphone ring, to flip cover to protect the smartphone screen. The functions offered are different and quite diverse so can not be underestimated just by looking at the price of these accessories. But if you've seen the function of the smartphone accessories that you take for granted, you definitely intend to immediately buy it.

Do not Underestimate Cheap Smartphone Accessory

Curious about some smartphone accessories that are often considered trivial? Let's see the details.
1. iRing
Who does not know iRing accessory that has a function like a ring and attached to the rear body of the smartphone. Some people underestimate this because it disrupts the rear body of the smartphone or even not know the actual function of the accessory. Not just just as a buffer when using the smartphone alone, but iRing can also be used as a hook if you use the necklace name tag.

2. Hi-Call Bluetooth Gloves
Maybe some of you are the first to hear hi-call bluetooth gloves. Hi-call bluetooth gloves is a glove that can accept the phone with bluetooth connection. It's a bit strange to receive a two-fingered phone call, but this glove will greatly help both the motorcycle rider and the touring motor group to communicate more safely and easily. Cool feature like this is still not known to many people you know. In addition to using a headset you can try this one technology, guys.

3. Stand Smartphone Holder
There are many outstanding smartphone holder booths with low prices and also diverse forms. Of course, in addition to making it easier to watch movies, you can also do many things without having to hold the smartphone. There are even other functions you know, for those of you who like special photography toys and want to make stop-motion video in using the holder to make the picture more stable and not shake.

4. LED Selfie Flash Light
Most smartphone users with male gender would be quite lazy in buying this one smartphone accessory. Just like the name suggests, LED Selfie Flash Light is intended to add light while doing selfie using the front camera. However, there are several other functions for LED Selfie Flash lho that is as a heart rate gauge.

5. Waterproof Case Smartphone
This accessory is most considered trivial by smartphone users, but the possibility of smartphones to the water is quite large and unexpected. It could be when it rains and you put the smartphone in the bag inadvertently slip, causing the whole bag is submerged in water. Proverbial luck had fallen on the stairs, ill body and broken smartphone. Another case if you use Waterproof Case Smartphone. In addition to protecting the smartphone, you can also protect other valuables such as wallets or passports.

Well, that's some of the functionality of a smartphone accessory that is often underestimated by the users of the smartphone itself. Accessories are certainly very useful for your smartphone.