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5 Jobs in Current Technological Fields Extinct

Currently the technology is growing rapidly, even arguably now is the digital era. In this digital era, many new things that we can meet. One such as the internet for example, which is the most phenomenal digital era product according to Jaka.

On the one hand due to the rapid development of technology, apparently causing some extinct jobs. Curious? Let's see, the job in the field of technology is extinct!

5 Jobs In The Field Of Extinct Technology

The work in technology that Jaka will mention follows, was popular in Indonesia in the 70s and 90s. But because there is a technology that much better, this job is no longer needed. The less fortunate jobs are as follows.

1. Wartel Entrepreneurs
The price is cheap, making almost everyone now has a smartphone. Making a telephone business is no longer needed. Let alone the telecoms, even the home phone also has begun to be abandoned. People much prefer to use the smartphone because it is considered more sophisticated and practical.

2. Photo Handyman
What smartphones do not have their cameras? It seems the camera feature has become a mandatory thing. Even cameras on smartphones can have similar capabilities to DSLR cameras. Make no one else who need the services of photographer.

3. Pager Operator
Prior to the existence of smartphones, popular gadgets were named pagers. Unlike a very sophisticated smartphone, pager can only be used to send a message. Because now pagers are no longer in use, making pager operators are no longer needed. They were eventually replaced by cellular operators.

4. Typewriter Repair Service
In addition to smartphones, another popular tool is the popular PC and laptop. Many things can be done with a PC or laptop. Starting from typing, drawing, editing photos, editing music and more. Obviously this makes the typewriter just for typing to be replaced. Because there is no typewriter, of course repair service work also go extinct.

5. Mailman
Long before the digital era, letters were the only means of long distance communication that existed. But now there is a name chatting, SMS, email and others. Creating a letter that takes a long time to be sent is eliminated. The impact, making the mailman is no longer needed.

As it illustrates some of the jobs in technology that are now extinct. The lesson that Jaka picked, that we must follow the changing times. Because it is not impossible, in the future we will replace the robot. What do you think?



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