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5 The Most Horrible Android Horror Game It Can Be Played Without The Internet

Likes the adrenaline-like things like watching a horror movie? Then you'll love the game horror genre. Actually there are many outstanding horror genre games, whether the free to the paid, as well as online or that can be played offline.

But, although many, the majority is not as challenging as the Resident Evil game. The game is indeed a horror genre, but it does not look scary because the enemy faced the player is not a ghost, but a zombie. Do you want a horror game really horror genre? Well, here's Jaka will share the horror Android offline horror game of all time.

5 Best Horror Android Horror Game of All Time

1. Slendrina The Cellar
Most likely still many who do not know this game but know that Slendrina The Cellar game is one of the Android horror game that is suitable for the test of guts because the enemy comes suddenly. What makes this game somewhat spooky is because ghost looks like real, coming suddenly on your smartphone screen. Guaranteed if you play this game will slam HP because of surprise

How to play it is also not complicated. You just need to download on Google Play for free, then install and play. Make no mistake, although it looks simple, but playing this game to finish is not easy. In this game you will be given the mission of looking for eight books in each different room and the ghost is the guard.

2. Horror Hospital 3D
In this 3D Horror Hospital game you only have one chance to live. So suppose you die of a ghost, then have to repeat from the beginning again, can not go as well as the game Resident Evil. Looks simple, but pretty horrible according to Jake and will make you shiver

How to play is also not easy, although only assigned to avoid a ghost disorder. The point is if you want to win in this game, then you should try to find a way out to proceed to the next level. Soon only capitalize the light of the phone only, no weapons or other objects, so make the game more challenging.

3. Eyes The Haunt
Still the same with the two games above, of course suitable for testing the guts. Ghost that comes out of the game Eyes The Haunt is also very terrible, like a headless ghost that appears suddenly on your smartphone screen

In this game you are assigned or given a mission to explore the empty house is pitch black and haunted. You have to be careful when you play it if you get RUN notifications, so you're almost faced with a headless ghost figure. Remember, do not get caught because if caught, then you will lose.

4. Mystique Series
This is one of the most horrific games Jaka likes because it looks very good like the PlayStation game. If you look at the picture above, would have been predictable if this game is really horrible. The ghost that comes out in Mystique Series game is very similar to kuntilanak dressed in white with a lot of blood, make goosebumps.

Of course in the Mystique Series game you will be given a mission that is not easy that is to search for items and assigned quickly because one of the challenges is the horrible kuntilanak figure. This game is also provided with many levels and for even the most easy level Jaka aya guaranteed to make you deg-degan.

5. Dark Meadow The Pact
Dark Meadow Game The Pact is actually still less scary than the four games above. In this game the ghost figure that appears not terrible or make a surprise, but still if you are coward, then it will go goosebumps.

Quite unique also this game because it tells a haunted aisle inhabited by the ghosts. Uniquely, there are many ghosts that become challenges. Starting from the figure of a beautiful woman to funny and terrible. The mission given is also not much different from the games above.

Well that's 5 Android horror games offline that really horrible and make a surprise. So the advice from Jaka, if you suffer from heart disease, do not ever try the game so that no unwanted things happen.



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