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5 Reasons Why You're Lucky to Buy Phone China

If you are one of hundreds of thousands of Chinese Phone users in Indonesia, do not be discouraged, because according to Jaka, you are a lucky person. Why? As the development of smartphones today, Chinese vendors still exist to offer great features but still have a low price.

This time, Jaka wants to discuss about what makes Chinese Phone users in Indonesia the luckiest people than buying expensive Smartphone like Meizu MX4 or Xiaomi Mi4. So what are the reasons? Check out the following reviews:

5 Reasons Why You're Lucky to Buy Phone China

1. Cheap: USD $100 can be Two
Not unfamiliar to us, most HP China has a cheap price. So that's why you're called lucky people. It has the same functionality as other HP, but it is cheaper, so the rest of the money you can save for school or even charity in social activities.

2. There's a TV: Watch Away Everywhere
Besides the cheap price, the feature you will get is TV. Imagine, to buy a regular TV, you need to spend about 1 Million Rupiah. This time, 500 thousand alone can call, sms and watch TV. Imagine how it feels every day to watch a devastating event through your China HP?

3. Explosive Sound: Additional Speakers? Now Way!
Well, one of the traditions that have been created since the advent of HP China is watching the ball on HP China, continue his voice dibesarin deh, let the back of the line can still hear the commentator if there is one player who scored GOL. Good again, you also do not need to buy additional speakers loh.

4. Hold Crooked: Imagine, iPhone 6 Lost!
Still remember dong with this news iPhone 6 crooked After a long pocketed, if you buy HP China, throw away deh fear HP will bend when long dikantongin, which is even ceplakan HP China on your thighs due to the dikantongin. In fact, if slammed to the floor also Jaka sure the floor is broken. Read deh: 5 Most Steady Mobile Phone For Throwing Dogs Galak

5. Elegant Design: The Definite Person is the iPhone
Now is the era of high prestige, where many people buy HP China that is similar to the famous Smartphone like Samsung or Apple. Imagine aja, with the price of 500 thousand, you can get a phone that can phone, SMS, watch TV as well as play dangdut songs that can be heard by villagers and of course with a charming design.



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