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5 Tech Terrors that Haunt Every Smartphone User

Technological advances are something we can not avoid in this life. Unfortunately, we rely heavily on technology and excessive use of gadget devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other wearable devices can not be separated from our daily life.

In addition, technological developments are sometimes unbalanced, causing problems that often frustrate users. Like the terrible 5 terror technology that every smartphone user fears the following is quoted from Techradar. Curious? Let's see more.

5 Tech Terrors that Haunt Every Smartphone User

1. Must Use Case
The manufacturer of the phone is launching a smartphone with a design kece. Unfortunately, you can not use the phone without protection. Even the latest is the iPhone 7 Jet Black, Apple requires you to use the case. That way if accidentally falls, mengurasi risk cracking screen. So for what fancy design, cool, charming, but can not be showcased?

2. Battery Does not Hold a Day
The following mobile operating system features and applications on increasingly sophisticated smartphones, chipsets are also getting stronger, higher screen resolutions, amazing camera capabilities, unfortunately, battery technology has not been able to compensate. In fact whatever your smartphone is if used maximally, the battery can not survive all day. Yes, right?

3. Password Stealing
It is important to constantly change passwords regularly, especially for important accounts that contain sensitive data. If necessary, use two-factor authentication if the service you support supports it. So in addition to username and password, verification for login also requires code sent to phone number or email.

4. Losing Smartphone
Who wants to lose a smartphone? Of course the answer is no. However, the potential loss of a smartphone is always there. If that happens, the first step is you have to track it using iCloud for iPhone users and Android Device Manager for Android users. If it is impossible to recover, lock or lock the device and delete all data remotely. This is important to do because the smartphone stores sensitive data.

5. Very Harsh Headphone Sound
Have you ever been surprised when you want to listen to songs using headphones, but the volume is very loud? Of course the maximum volume explosion is very dangerous to the health of the ear and may be able to provide a heart attack. Therefore, make sure before you wear a pair of headphones, make sure the music is played first.

That's the 5 tech terror that haunts every smartphone user. How, you must have experienced it right? Share your opinion, in the comment field below yes.



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