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5 Very Useful Applications If No Internet Connection

Smartphone without internet it like feature phone alias old cell phone that can only be used for phone and SMS. But it used to be, now there are many applications and games that are very useful if there is no internet connection.

Yes, there are times when we run out of internet quota or else are in place with bad signal conditions. For example when in the elevator, in the studio music, or in other places difficult signals.

Very Useful Applications If No Internet Connection

1. SHAREit
It is common knowledge that data transfer between mobile platforms, such as iOS to Android is very difficult to do. Do not worry, all those problems and limitations can easily be solved using an application called SHAREit.

Through this application, you not only can transfer various data to fellow platforms but also cross platform rely on WiFi feature. So, it can be used without the internet.

2. Online Dictionary of Offline Disease
Health is of course very important. When there is no internet, it might be a good idea to increase your knowledge with Free Dictionary Offline Dictionary application.

In the app, it contains detailed information about various diseases, which help you to understand about the disease easily. Here are the features.

  • Search feature to find index of offline medical illness.
  • Very friendly and easy interface.
  • Disease Encyclopedia with complete information on their treatment, diagnosis and preventive measures
  • Adjust the text "Handbook disease" with size
  • Fully offline and does not require internet connection

3. Remote Control
If you have a Xiaomi smartphone, there is a very useful feature that may still rarely diketaui users. Is a Remote Control called Mi Remote.

This feature relies on Infrared connection, so it can be used without internet. You can control household electronic appliances such as AC, TV, Fan, Box, A / V receiver, DVD Player, Projector, Cable / Satelite box, Camera and Mi TV / Mi Box device.

4. Google Chrome Offline
Already in the know yet, nothing new from Google Chrome. Google has presented a new feature that lets you save the page for later reading.

You do this by pressing the screen a bit longer, you can save the link and then read the contents in the web page even though there is no internet connection.

The way is fairly easy. Here are the steps:

  • Update Google Chrome on your Android smartphone to the latest version through the Google Play Store.
  • Then open Chrome, then log in to the webpage you want to read again later. For example Almaftuch.in.
  • Then select one of the articles you want to read, long press the link.
  • There will be several options and select "Download link".

When you've downloaded the link in question, you can open it even if it is offline alias no internet connection.

5. Google Maps Offline
Often use Google Maps for driving directions or guides? What if you travel to a place where the internet connection is slow or even non-existent? Offline features in Google Maps can be the solution.

With this feature, you can save an area location from Google Maps to smartphone. Another advantage, you can also simultaneously to save the use of data and batteries.

Here's how to use Google Maps offline:

  • Open the Google Maps app on Android.
  • Select the menu at the top left, and select "Offline area".
  • Select the area you want to make offline, and select download.

Admittedly, smartphone users certainly can not get out of the internet network. Without internet, smartphone is not maximal use. But, it does not mean 'doomsday' What do you think?



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