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5 WiFi Functions on Rarely Used Smartphones

In the current era of the Internet of Things, the word WiFi is not something new and rare. Almost everyone who uses a smartphone or a computer must always be in touch with WiFi.

How not, with WiFi we can internetan more efficient quota and also saving battery. So no wonder many people love to hang out in places that provide fast and free WiFi connection. But, whether the function of WiFi in smartphones is limited to it?

Uncommonly Used Smartphone WiFi Functionality

During this time you may only use WiFi to get free internet access, fast and stable only. Though there are many other functions of WiFi loh in smartphones, such as:

1. Transfer Files from Laptop to Smartphone

Do you know if you can transfer data from smartphone to laptop without data cable? By using the same WiFi connection between laptop and smartphone, you can transfer data easily and quickly.

The trick, use a file transfer application like Xender. By connecting to the same WiFi you can transfer data from smartphone to laptop or vice versa. It's easy, right? Do not use this plug again.

2. Modem
This is the reason why WiFi is required in the smartphone, so can be a modem! By using Tethering capabilities, your smartphone can be converted into a signal transmitter or WiFi modem. Cool, right? So you do not need to buy a modem anymore. But remember, the quota should be abundant huh!

3. Changing Smartphone So Mouse or Keyboard
When chased tasks and laptop or computer keyboard is damaged, you do not need to panic. Install the Intel Remote Keyboard app on your Android or iOS smartphone. By connecting to the same WiFi, you can turn your smartphone into a mouse and keyboard!

4. Screen Mirroring
This is cool, but rarely used smartphone users. You can screen mirroring the smartphone display to a laptop on the same WiFi network, such as using the AirDroid app.

5. Connect with Other Smart Devices
Not just a smartphone, at this time a lot of smart devices right? Such as smartwatch, smartband, to smarthome. Well, this WiFi can be used as a bridge between the smartphone with a variety of other smart devices.

The most interesting you can use WiFi to connect to OSMO when recording video or taking photos. So do not need plugs deh. Unfortunately will the USB port if the blisters are connected to OSMO?

Is that all right? So far it seems very rarely used are the functions above. But if you know the other functions of WiFi in smartphones, may share the share to Jaka.

Ok, maximize your WiFi function!