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6 Advanced Technology Made in Japan It Must Make You Amaze!

When asked about tourist destinations, it is not impossible if you put Japan into it. Because Japan is not only synonymous with manga and anime only, Japan also have beautiful nature with a lot of interesting culture.

Not stop there, in Japan also many emerging sophisticated invention and latest technologies. Even a lot of technology in Japan is sure to amaze you!

Technology in Japan That Must Make You Fascinated

Not only has a unique culture in using gadgets, Japan also has a work culture that is fairly good. Due to the work culture is slick is then created the following sophisticated technologies:

1. The Mainichi Shimbun newspaper
Instead of making the finished newspaper we read as a fried wrapper, why do not you try to cultivate? Like The Mainichi Shimbun newspaper called the green newspaper. Newspaper in Japan can be planted after finished reading, so can keep the environment. Cool, right?

2. Robobear
Robobear is not just any robot. This robot can lift an adult and help him walk. In short, Japan has succeeded in creating sophisticated technology that could be the assistant of the elderly. Cool, right?

3. Special Smartphone Toilet Wipes
Often use toilet paper as a screen cleaner of a smartphone? No more, because it can make your smartphone screen scratched lho!
As a solution, in Japan there are special wipes smartphones you know! In addition can be used to clean the screen smartphone, toilet tissue special this smartphone to make username and password WiFi that you can use while in the airport toilet.

4. Codomoroid and Otonaroid
National Museum of National Science and Innovation of Japan the arrival of two new staff, namely Codomoroid and Otonaroid. Both are Android robots who are ready to welcome and explain some things kepasa visitors, including reading the news.
Both Android robot developed in 2014 ago was created by Hiroshi Ishiguro. He had previously created an Android robot that mimics itself.

5. Automatic Bike Parking System
Instead of crowding the train, the Japanese prefer to ride a bicycle to go to the office. Well, parking bikes in Japan will not be complicated. Because in Japan there is a special bicycle auto parking.

6. Automatic Vending Machine
To reduce the use of power waiters, in Japan there is a vending machine. The latest technology in Japan is usually stored in front of shop or restaurant entrance to record visitor order.

How, cool really 5 latest technology in Japan this? Advanced technology originating from Japan this will definitely make a scene.

Which sophisticated technology in Japan is your favorite?



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