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6 Android and iOS Equations It Must Be Never You Realize

Speaking of smartphones, currently the most widely used is Android and iOS. Although there are other smartphones that carry the Windows operating system, Tizen, and BlackBerry; But the dominance of Android and IOS is still strong and dominate the market.

Are there any of you who still fuss about the greatness of Android and iOS smartphones? If so, it's time you opened your eyes to see the similarities between Android and iOS smartphones.

Android and iOS Equations

It's no secret if Android and iOS users do not get along. There are always points that make one party feel better than the other so as to trigger a dispute. Though Android and iOS have many similarities you know!

1. Two Founders Ever Been in the Same Company
Did you know, during his life Steve Jobs once stated, "Android is a stolen product"? Not without reason. Because Eric Schmidt never intervened while developing iOS in the year 2000 ago.
If you forget, Eric Schmidt is the CEO of the Alphabet company. So it's clear that Android and iOS was founded by two people who have worked together.

2. Rich App and Game
As an operating system, both Android and IOS so the more perfect because of the supporting application ecosystem. There are millions of apps and games you can try downloading from the Google Play Store or the App Store to keep your smartphone quiet.

3. Equally Exciting
Android and iOS equations then lie in the experience of using it. Both pake Android and IOS are both fun really. You can download a variety of chat applications, social media, to exciting and cool games.

Why fun? Thanks to the 'intelligence' it carries, both Android and iOS smartphones can connect to the internet with ease. And you can explore many things from the grasp.

4. Closer to the Deep
Only with the capital of your smartphone can meet face to face with video call from WhatsApp, LINE Messenger or Skype. Can also watch a concert by streaming on YouTube, and other things. No more distance when you use Android or iOS.

5. Developed Following Your Needs
Both the Android and iOS platforms are both developed following your needs. Each new feature is given to give you the use of smartphon, which makes you more comfortable. Apart from the different types of features, they are both created for you.

6. Equally Need a Smart User
Thanks to the Android and iOS platform, the smartphone is born. But the smartphone function itself will not work if users are not smart.

Put your smartphone smart enough thanks to the assistant digial, but if you are not smart to use and command it will be useless. Also with other functions.

That's 6 equations Android and iOS are rarely realized by the user. So there is no longer any reason to debate which issues are better between Android and iOS yes. Especially if until the noisy, shy.



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