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7 Cool PC Game It Can Be Played On Android Smartphone

Who would have thought this PC game is now also available for the Android version? Yes, with so many Android users make the developers also do not want to lose the market.

Currently there are some PC games that are also made for Android users. The advantage is now playing the game so much easier and convenient. Can not wait to see the rest of it? Here are 7 PC games that we can now play on Android. Read to finish yes!

7 Cool PC Game It Can Be Played on Android Smartphone

1. The Amazing Spiderman 2
Behind the success of the movie The Amazing Spiderman, Gameloft finally made the game version and hopes this time the success will be the same. Yes, although to taste this game you have to spend a little pocket, it's not a problem. Because this game is enough to get a rating and high reviews of users.

2. Assassin's Creed Identity
If you've ever played Assassin Creed PC version, of course you already understand how the game sounds. Now the game is already present for the Android version and now you can get easily in the Play Store. Although this is only the Android version, do not worry, Assassin's Creed Identity still does not ignore gameplay and captivating actions. Unfortunately, this game is paid alias is not free.

3. Call of Duty: Strike Team
There are so many Call of Duty series releases on the market, and this time there is also a release for its Android version of Call of Duty: Strike Team. How is the excitement? Check out the video below yes.

4. Legion of Heroes (Atlantica Android)
Ever tried this game? Yes, the Legion of Heroes published by Gemscool was initially quite successful among PC gamers Indonesia. Unfortunately, the game is now closed by Gemscool. However, the good news Legion of Heroes is back for its Android version. How does this game play? Let's see the video below.

5. Mortal Combat X
Originally Mortal Combat is a fighting game created for PCs, but now the excitement of the game we can enjoy through Android smartphone.

6. Injustice Gods Among Us
Who would have thought the game made for this PC now also has a lot of fans for its version of Android. Although only the mobile version, this game still has the quality of the graphics side of the riveting and also has a guaranteed gameplay exciting.

7. Rocket League
For PC gamers, who is not familiar with the game Rocket League. Yes, even though this game is still popular today, how would its excitement be if this game is played on Android? It's really fun to play football using a smartphone on Android, do not believe it? Cobain deh.

That's a list of PC games you can play on Android too. Have you ever played which one? Which one is your favorite? Share in the comment field below yes.



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