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7 Things That Crosses Your Mind While Laptop Keyboard Water Drop

The most valuable property according to Abah Adi Kurdi is family. But the most precious treasure for us, especially besides mobile phones and laptops? If there are two things that, what happen to try dark nights without starred (eak so dangdut) you?

Especially if the laptop damaged because of your own carelessness. The most common thing is water kesirem yes. Wow kalo until that laptop keyboard kesirem water, girlish deh. Immediate thoughts!

7 Things That Crosses Your Mind While Laptop Keyboard Water Drop

1. In anger
Who is angry? Of course your mama! Mama is the one who cares the most about you. Not just kamunya aja diperhatiin, the goods have you also definitely not escape from the monitoring of mama. Especially the goods that cost not cheap yes. If something happens the same phone or leptop you so, surely you get the omel deh.

"What Mama says also, so be careful."

That's the sensible sentence.

2. Unfavorable Work
When else serious ngerjain task or play the game continues suddenly like this happens? Directly panic. You must immediately fear the water falls deeper into the keyboard and you are also afraid not to save the laptop if you pake nge-save first job that you work hard anymore. Amit-amit really deh if like this.

3. Lost Collections
Duh, the most hurt deh if the collections that you've kumpulin lost just so. Starting from the collection that everyone has sampe exclusive collection really, you definitely not willing to lose if it all. Moment where water spills onto your keyboard, right then it's the thought of your collection in it. Will you survive what is baseball, you can only pray aja.

4. Thesis Snooze
If the water to make a laptop damaged, surely you directly think the same data maha important student. ESSAY! Duh, if your damaged HardDisk damage, ilang deh tuh all your effort. Can not skripsian deh. Can not pass deh. If so males-malesan two months before it's okay yes. Delayed until next semester also I do not think it's okay? Yeee, even though mah lazy aja tuh aja tuh kamunya.

5. If Damaged, Hope It's Not Damaged
If you already know the water has come in too deep and make fatal, you can not do anything else than you talk to yourself; Hopefully kalopun damaged, plis really do not seriously damaged.

6. Repair Fee
You already feel really damaged if the laptop will be severe. Then what comes to your mind next is the cost. Must have to prepare half million. Unexpected spending is not what you usually budget-in.

7. Rice
Because supposedly said, if your laptop or mobile phone is exposed to water, besides you turn the device out so that the water flows out, you go also to rice, because rice can absorb water.

Ever had a laptop water keyboard experience? What are you doing?