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Bad News, Fingerprint on Smartphone No Longer Safe!

Currently, the safest smartphone locking method is the fingerprint and the scanner iris. PIN and password are considered too old, so smartphone manufacturers continue to compete to bring a variety of cool smartphones with fingerprint.

But, is it true fingerprint on this smartphone is safe? The reason is now a lot of methods nge-hack fingerprint in circulation. So, the fingerprint on the smartphone is no longer safe!

Fingerprint Smartphone No Longer Safe!

Recently a group of researchers from New York University and Michigan State University found a large gap in the fingerprint scanner. By leveraging user habits that store more than one fingerprint on their smartphones, they have succeeded in creating a smartphone fingerprint breaker tool.

This tool is called MasterPrint. Well, this MasterPrint can later break into various types of fingerprint patterns smartphone users. Danger, right? Reportedly, the success of this tool 65% able to break all the fingerprints listed on the smartphone!

Even so, reportedly this study is still in doubt. Because the group of researchers is just testing through a simulation database fingerprint, not directly on the smartphone.

But, still scary is not it? If MasterPrint is scattered and used irresponsible people can be a problem. For that, you should cover the protection of smartphones with other smartphone keys, such as passwords, pattern locks, or PIN.

Nothing wrong if just in case, is not it?



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