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Best Android App To Watch Movies and Free TV

Who does not like watching free TV or watching free movies? This one activity is exciting to drive bored, dispel, to seek inspiration for life. Unfortunately, sometimes we are too busy to sit quietly on the front of the TV sofa just to watch the show according to the show. That's why nowadays many people prefer to watch via smartphone or tablet.

There are indeed plenty of apps on Android to watch TV or movies. Unfortunately, most of it is paid. Already the paid application, we also still have to pay again for every impressions we want to see. Oops, who said? There are also lho various free applications that allow us to watch for free as well. Here are some of them:

Android App To Watch Movies and Free TV

1. Crackle
Crackle is a very practical movie-watching app. You do not need to register let alone pay, but you are entitled to access popular movies, TV series and reality shows. No need to worry about running out of spectacle material, because this application is diligent to update the supply of spectacle every month. Crackle also has many interesting features that make you more comfortable watching.

2. SnagFilms
If you're the type of person who has more than one gadget, SnagFilms will be the right movie streaming app for you. The reason, this application can you access via smartphone, tablet, or PC connected to each other. So, you can go directly to watch with other gadgets when you have not finished before. Library spectacle in this application is also very complete, ranging from intact Hollywood movies, short comedy, documentary, to TV broadcasts. The choice of genre is very varied.

3. Crunchyroll
Likes anime? Then you must install this one application. Crunchyroll is already very popular among otaku because it has the most complete anime collection that can be watched without any cost. All anime is also equipped with English subtitle so the Japanese voice is not tampered with dubbing. Coupled with its easy interface, no wonder if Crunchyroll has been downloaded by more than 5 million Android users.

4. Flipps HD
Who says the free TV watch app can only give you a low-quality video spectacle? On Android, there's a Flipps app that provides a huge collection of HD quality watches. From popular movies, music videos, comedy, news, kids events, and TV shows on over 100 channels. This application can also connect to your internet TV, XBOX, and so forth.

5. Viewster
Another option for Japanese lovers is the Viewster. This movie-watching app provides legally free anime ranges from classic series to newly released episodes. New libraries and episodes are added every once a week to make sure you do not miss the story. Exclamation, you can choose your own language used in its subtitle. To access the Viewster, you also do not have to bother creating an account.

6. ShowBox
ShowBox is also one of the most watched movie favorites of movie fans. This online movie streaming application allows you to stream from various websites, so the selection of the collection is unlimited. Not only that, you can also download your favorite movies, videos, or serials without paying the least. Video quality varies from low to full HD. Unfortunately, this app is not available on the Play Store so you have to download the APK manually.

7. Hubi
For those who like to download video, Hubi is probably a must-install application. Starting from movies, TV shows, to a variety of interesting videos you can watch and download directly here. Download speed was not half-hearted! Because, Hubi provides links from the server. Because of the number of spectacle choices here, one event can be selected in various website sources and video resolutions.

Watching through gadgets is fun because you can do it anywhere. If busy, you can pause and play again whenever you want. Especially if the movie can be free. It would be more fun!



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