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CAUTION! These 3 Dangers Buy Samsung's Smartphone Guarantee Distributor

Although Samsung Galaxy S8 is so blaring and as if a savior after the case of their mobile phone that exploded, it seems this year is still bringing things uncomfortable for vendors from South Korea. Moreover sales in Indonesia, Samsung smartphone strikes warranty distributor began to squirm.

This certainly adversely affects the sale of official warranty phones, because the price offered with a distributor warranty is much cheaper on the market. There are three series of warranty distributors who have entered the Indonesian market, among them Galaxy J3 Pro, Galaxy C5 and C7. However, there are some dangers lurking.

Here are 3 Dangers Buy Samsung Smartphone Distributor Warranty.

1. Bad Warranty
Can we agree that the warranty distributor is a warranty 'gray - ash', alias truth is still questionable. Reflecting from previous consumer experiences of buying Chinese brand phones that are rife with distributor warranties, most of them do not know what to do and where to make warranty claims.

Even so there are some true warranty can be claimed, but the rest just be just 'frill - frills' warranty only. Therefore, if you are already 'ngebet' have Samsung phones with cheap price, forget about the warranty.

2. Usage does not work properly
Yes, we can see that Samsung phones are not labeled official warranty, is a phone that is true not release in the ground water. This is certainly a question and consideration, because if it is not recommended released in Indonesia, why should we buy it?

Things that might happen are some features that may not work properly even not running at all, for example the most vulnerable is the 4G network. Perhaps this can be overcome by installing a custom ROM on the phone, but of course this is much more troublesome and of course the performance of the smartphone can be less than the maximum.

3. Vulnerable Refurbished
Buying a mobile phone warranty distributor, meaning we also must be prepared with the risk of getting goods refurbished or reconditioned. Previously this also happened to some Chinese and iPhone branded smartphone branded with cheap price warranty, after being investigated that the phone is reconditioned.

Of course this is not impossible also can happen on Samsung smartphone warranty distributor. Because if we get a cell phone with this condition, of course very loss, because it means we buy a phone that is not really worthy circulation.

Yes, that's 3 Dangers Buy Samsung's Smartphone Distributor Warranty. Although the price of the phone warranty distributor is tempting, it's good we prefer the official warranty because of course much more secure.