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DANGER! This As a Result If the Laptop Temperature is Too Hot and Dusty 4.9 2358 1379

DANGER! This As a Result If the Laptop Temperature is Too Hot and Dusty

Laptops that are overheated or overheat is annoying. In addition will make the activity of typing so disturbed, of course the hardware will be quickly damaged because it can not bear the extreme temperatures.

So what are the causes, risks, and solutions to such a bad situation? Through this article we will discuss further what the consequences if the temperature of the laptop is too hot and dusty. Here is our full explanation specifically for you loyal readers of the Almaftuchin Tech.

DANGER! This As a Result If the Laptop Temperature is Too Hot and Dusty

The Dust of the Bully
Dust does not go wrong, but because he is a very small item, it makes it very easy to breathe into a working laptop fan. As time goes by, the dust will accumulate more and more between the fans, over the heatsinks, even clogging the ventilation holes to keep the cooling from running normally. As a result? The processor temperature will increase. (Also read: Can Dust Damage Our Computers?)

If in short-term use hell, dust is not easy to see yes. But for long-term use, the fine dust will accumulate and look very disturbing.

Fatal Risk to Hardware
Cases like this can not be tolerated. It is not easy to identify dust nest in the laptop, especially for a laptop with a patent body and difficult to open. If it is not taken seriously, then problems with hardware will be very easy to appear. Overheat is indeed one of the classic problems that are present in long term and considerable electronic use.

If left unchecked, processor fan can not work optimally and processor will be easy to heat. Believe me, the temperature of the processor can get high quickly, faster than you can imagine. If so, the processor will signal the system to shut itself down to avoid a worse overheat. If this condition is left continuously, will undoubtedly spread to other hardware such as HardDisk and RAM that will be easily error and damaged.

Then the solution how?
If the casing of your laptop is easy to remove, then it is a great advantage. Dust-dust that there must have been attached to the fan and motherboard. If it is so, you just need to clean it with a dry cloth. For the sidelines of the fan, use a wind spray (compressed air) to dust easily released. But keep in mind, use compressed air or air cans with care. Do not make the fan blow too tight because it can damage the dynamo underneath.

If the laptop casing is difficult to open how? Well compressed water works well here. You just have to fire the air through the vents on the side of the laptop to open a clogged air gap. But it does need extra work to remove the dust that gathered there because the available space is very narrow.

For compressed air, you can find it at the nearest hardware store or Ace Hardware (not your ad). Another solution, use a compressor for motor vehicles. More risky indeed, but if you can be careful, it is worth trying too.

As a final step, you can use Speedfan application to know the temperature changes to each component of laptop. Good luck! (Also read: What Does Your CPU Look Like? Check Before CPU Overheated)