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Dangers For Life, Do not Install These 5 Applications on Your Smartphone!

With the application, the use of smartphones become more exciting and easy. This is the reason people switch from featured phone to smartphone.

It's so easy to make apps on Android smartphones, many apps are not useful, but even misleading. If so, we recommend that such an application not be installed. Can be dangerous!

5 Applications You Do not Install on Smartphones

Instead of providing benefits, applications actually harm users. There are also applications that even make the user a waste of money is not clear. Well, here are 5 applications that do not install on your smartphone.

1. 6 Artificial Application of Abu Moo
Try to find an app with the name of publisher Abu Moo. There you will find 6 applications each priced at $ 412.5 USD Wow!

What makes this app forbidden to install, let alone you buy is the fact that this application is completely useless. How baseball, by paying $ 412.5 USD you will only get a widget with a picture of rock. Nothing special.

2. Ashley Madison
Never install the Ashley Madison app if you already have a partner. Because this app will lead you to get a secret couple (affair), which will be the cause of the collapse of a relationship. It can be worse if this application is installed by people who are not strong faith.

3. Tinder
Just like Ashley Madison, Tinder is commonly used by people who are looking for a partner. The intention of Tinder is noble, because it can be used by you are single to find a partner. But as the largest online dating app in the world, Tinder also keeps the danger.

What would happen if you were comfortable with people in Tinder and then take her home? Though you do not know him well. Who knows he's a thief, or even a criminal who can hurt you. So for you who are easily tempted, do not try to install Tinder on your smartphone deh!

4. PornHub
Who does not know PornHub's porno website? The world's largest free porn content provider site continues to blaze new breakthroughs to make it easier for users to access pornographic content. In addition to creating video content that supports VR, PornHub also creates Android apps.

Well, you should never open PornHub porn website, let alone install the application. Because many threats are eyeing if you install PornHub on your smartphone. Starting from ransomware that asks for ransom, until covertly take photos or personal data. Read: DANGER! This As a Result If You Often Open Porn Website on Android.

5. Wikileaks
Wikileaks is an international mass media that discloses state and company secret documents to the public through its website. Interestingly, now Wikileaks comes in an application format. And you should not install this app on your smartphone.

If you dare to install this application and not wise in using it, you might even get caught in criminal law for stealing information. Scary, right?

With all the features that somewhat nyeleneh, wise it seems if you do not install these applications earlier. The five applications are illegally installed on your smartphone it is tempting to install, but hopefully you can restrain yourself after knowing the functions of these applications earlier.



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