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Do It To Improve PC Gaming Performance Up To 200%

If you want to start to become a gamer or have become a gamer, surely you want is your PC performance goes well and fast to play the game.

If you are just into the world of gaming, and want to buy a new gaming PC, you must have high capital. In addition to buying a new PC gaming, you can also upgrade your PC performance to improve its performance. Well, this time Jaka will discuss 7 Tips And Tricks to improve your gaming PC performance. Check out more yes.

Do It To Improve PC Gaming Performance Up To 200%

1. Set up V-Sync as well as possible
V-Sync (Vertical Synchronization) is a feature inside an individual game to limit the frames generated by our VGA so that it does not exceed the monitor's refresh rate. Most standard monitors have a refresh rate of 60 hz or 75 hz. If you have a game that has a large capacity and must have PC specifications that populate, such as GTA V games, Watch Dog, and others, you must set how your frame runs in your game.

2. Update Graphic Card Driver (VGA)
Update Driver on your VGA is very important to improve performance on your PC. Especially for you who like to play games, would want to have a PC with good VGA performance. So, the more you upgrade the latest drivers on your VGA, then your VGA will give you a high performance on your PC performance.

3. Optimize Game Using Evolved Gaming Or GeForce Exprience
If you are a gamer, would definitely choose the best VGA brands like AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce. This means you can take advantage of AMD Gaming Evolved or GeForce. If you want to automatically optimize performance on your PC, simply download and install Gaming Evolved or GeForce Experience.

4. Optimize Setting To Start Game
If you want to play the game with satisfactory results, you must adjust the settings to the PC specifications. Suppose you have a high specification, then you can also set the settings in the game to be higher or better.

And if your PC specs are minimum, you also have to set the settings in the game to your PC specifications. So, do not over-impose high settings for minimum specs.

5. Use SSD To Speed Up Loading On Game
SSD is a recent and latest innovation in data storage. This SSD uses a solid state memory type to store its data. SSD can also be said a storage media that uses nonvolatile memory.

SSD function in this game serves to speed up loading in heavy games, so it's best if you have minimum memory, can use this SSD and if have high memory, not recommended to use SSD.

6. Monitor Temperature On PC
It's important to improve performance on your PC while playing games, so you should monitor your PC's temperature to keep it stable. If the temperature on your PC is high, then you should stop the game for a while.

7. Keeping PC Temperatures Cold
If your GPU gets too hot, maybe the clock speed will be lower and affect the performance on your PC. It can also cause game crashes and ultimately shorten your PC's lifespan. To maximize your PC to stay cool, use a heatsink, liquid cooling system, and can use an external fan to keep your PC stable.

That's 7 tips from Jaka to improve your PC gaming performance. Hopefully useful yes. Do you have any alternatives? Please share in the comment field below yes.



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