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Do not Buy Flagship Smartphones, Here are 8 Reasons!

Being an icon of a vendor, flagship smartphones are usually always equipped with high specifications and best features to be able to get a good response. No wonder if many flagship smartphones dibanderol with very expensive prices.

Smartphone flagship like iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 does look beautiful and sophisticated. But, should you spend a lot of money to buy a flagship smartphone? The answer is NO.

Do not Buy Flagship Smartphones, Here are 8 Reasons!

Nowadays many quality cheap smartphones are sold in the market. But back again, the proverbial 'no price, no way' of course apply. Cheap smartphones do not have the technology and built quality as good as smartphone flagship.
But remember, you do not have to buy a flagship smartphone anyway. Because ...

1. Price Smartphone Flagship Abundance

To redeem dual camera technology, 6GB RAM, Iris Scanner, waterproof capabilities, up to 4K display which smartphone smartphone disung you have to pay not less. There is a flagship smartphone that sells up to $1200 USD!
Nothing wrong if you think than buy a smartphone mending buy a laptop or motorcycle. You can also buy a quality smartphone at a cheaper price, and the rest of the money is used for the holidays. Yes, right?

2. Smartphone Functions Equal Only
You use a smartphone for what? Most just chat, open email, exist in social media, listen to music, to play the game. All smartphones can perform similar functionality, what is the flagship smartphone that is expensive?

3. Many Unused Features
Remember Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is equipped with 4K screen? The price reaches 12 million! In fact, what the hell is the screen as sharp as that on a smartphone? Nothing will taste the difference. Also with NFC function, waterproof capabilities, to speakers from Harman Kardon on flagship smartphone. Important?

4. Camera Often Just Dipake Selfie
Some of the smartphones with the best cameras today are Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8. Equipped with the latest advanced camera technology that can produce professional photos, do you ever maximize the features?

Most also you use a smartphone smartphone camera even if only for selfie. Or photo events to share to social media, or show off food photos. Is not it? And even cheap smartphones can be enough.

5. Most Only Win Brand
Call it Apple with the iPhone or Samsung through Samsung Galaxy S series, it's expensive right? Because besides equipped with high specifications, they excel in the trademark. Though smartphones from other vendors can be much cheaper with similar specifications.

6. Expensive Service Fees
If your expensive flagship smartphone is damaged, the service charge is expensive! Especially if there is no official warranty. Loss, right? If you buy a cheap smartphone, service costs are also cheap. Even if lazy service, you can just buy a new one.

7. Lost Going Crying
Want cheap or expensive, if lost smartphone emang make nyesek. Especially if a lot of important data in it. But, tetep aja more nyesek kalo lost flagship smartphone that expensive, right?

8. There Will Be A New Type More Advanced
One of the most annoying parts to follow the trend of smartphones is always to come out a new, more sophisticated type. Call it you just bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, eh suddenly out OnePlus 3T is equipped with more sophisticated specifications and the price is cheaper.

So, still want to buy a flagship smartphone? Back again, all according to your needs and your ability to buy a smartphone. Do not push yourself only to pursue prestige.



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