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Explanation of e-Sport, World's Largest Game Competition!

Playing games is a fun hobby. But if done in earnest, it can make money loh. Unmitigated, the amount of money generated that can be up to USD 1,050,420.17.

The prize amount of USD 1,050,420.17 is one of the prizes of the e-sports competition for the first prize. You yourself already know e-sport or not yet? If you do not know e-sport yet, let's see A-Tech explanation below!

Explanation of the e-Sport Game Competition

Launched by Techquickie video. E-Sport itself is an abbreviation of electronic sports, which if dibahasa Indonesia means electronic sports. Though just playing the game, why so named yes?

Apparently so named, because there are similarities with traditional sports. Both e-Sport and traditional sports equally need training, coaching, strategizing, quick decision-making, teamwork and reflex or muscle training.

How To Become an e-Sport Athlete

Once you understand what e-sport is. If you are interested in becoming an e-sport athlete, you can say it's easy to process. You need to be diligent and keep practicing on one game, for example DOTA 2 or CS: GO. If you are an expert, you can form a team or find your e-sports team. Then start following the game competition from the amateur level. If the champions, chase the game competition is even greater.

Complete List of 2017 e-Sport Games

Well, roughly any game that ya into the category e-sport. You can see it as follows.