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How To Access Dark Web Or Deep Web Safe And Hacked

The internet we use today is just a fraction of what is actually out there. Apparently far below the surface, there are very few terms for us to know, namely deep web and dark web.

In it loaded load of secret content that we can not access using ordinary internet channels. However, that does not mean access is only for certain circles. Anyone can access it anyway, albeit with considerable risk.

How To Access Dark Web Or Deep Web Safe and Hacked

What is the Deep Web and Dark Web?
Imagine if the internet is a vast ocean, then the internet that we often access so far is on the surface. Everything we do from video streaming, email recipients, online shopping, Facebook browsing, and other online activities is in this section.

In other words, everything is open to the public. As long as the site is accessible through search engines like Google and Bing, it is still part of the web.
So it can be inferred if the content that is in deep web will never be indexed by search engines, so it is not possible to be accidentally accessed by ordinary internet users. Although it is inside the web, not all content in it is dangerous or illegal.

There are also secretly deleted sites, privately hosted servers, or internal corporate sites that are intentionally hidden. In essence all sites located in the deep web can be accessed online, but need to do deeper access to find it.

Are Deep Web and Dark Web Safe?
Deep web has a practical function, people who access through the deep web can access content that is not on the internet usual. We can see news from all over the world that possibility is very secret, can also order goods illegally.

Whatever the purpose, accessing a deep web is not very secure. The deeply anonymous nature of the web becomes a haven for hackers to exploit user weaknesses and steal important information from it very easily. Because basically just by accessing a deep web is already a suspicious action, let alone to download and utilize the content in it. It could have been illegal.

If you want to use deep web, it is necessary to take precautions to protect your identity. Because using the deep web is not as simple as opening a browser and typing a web address, so before starting you have to use some apps to help encrypt and keep your data hidden.

How to Access the Secure Deep Web and Dark Web

1. Use VPN
Always use VPN when accessing deep web without exception. The VPN function can encrypt all internet traffic and scramble the data so that there are no more visible identity details. A good VPN service must have the following criteria:

Features' Kill Switch - This feature will automatically turn off all traffic when the connection to the VPN stops. Why is that? Because hackers can take advantage of leaked traffic even just after the VPN stops.

Logging Policy - This feature ensures that VPN providers will never store user data coming into their servers. Look for a VPN that does not provide any log access.

Speed ​​- abnormal VPN can lower internet connection up to 10-25 percent. This is caused by overloading of encryption capacity and acceptable traffic. Look for VPNs that can minimize those weaknesses.

Limit Bandwidth - Free VPN providers usually most often limit the bandwidth for users. This will have implications for the speed experienced by the user.

Here Jaka recommends the best VPN provider:

  • IPVanish
  • NordVPN
  • VyprVPN

2. Use Tor Browser
After the VPN, the second need to access Deep Web is to use Tor Browser. Why is that? Here, Tor has the feature to deploy its own network in order to protect your information by using 128-bit AES encryption. That is, Tor takes the IP address assigned to you by the internet provider and then redirects it randomly and anonymously. Tor is also the only browser that can access the .onion link, which is almost all content in the deep web using the extension.

What's in the Deep Web?

Deep web has many functions, start communicating in secret to get illegal goods. Here are some of the things that are in Deep Web.

Dark market - The name of the black market, of course there will be many illegal goods that can be obtained from here, ranging from counterfeit goods, illegal drugs, firearms, pirated software, stolen credit cards, and many other illegal services. The risk of transacting on Deep Web is also huge compared to regular online stores.

Digital currency - Cryptocurrency or digital currency is used as a means of transferring money anonymously for various transactions. This can be used for money laundering and other transactions.

Hacker Group - A group of professional hackers often gather in the deep web to communicate and sell their abilities to those who need them.

Fraud - Because no one is watching for security related, deep web is often used for fraud and piracy activities.

Social Community - There are also many people who gather to communicate via the deep web. The advantage is with the deep web no more privacy issues and data retrieval as do network sites like Facebook and Twitter, even Google.

How to Find Content on Deep Web

The best way to get access to content on the web is to use search engines like DuckDuckGo or use the Hidden Wiki. Do not forget to use VPN and Tor Browser before you start surfing the web.

That is how to access dark web or deep web safely and unfettered hackers. What do you think? Dare you access it? Or do you often visit sites on the dark web or deep web it? Share your experience in the comment field below.