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How To Be Rich From Creating Comics and Stickers LINE

Today the profession of dreams is not just a doctor or a pilot, now a hobby can be used as money. Hobbies traveling? So Travel Blogger and Influencer can walk while paying. Hobby make comic? Send your comic to LINE Webtoon, follow the Challenge and get the prize millions of Rupiah! Not only that, if your comic becomes a winner, you will be given a contract with LINE and paid every month. Good, anyway?

At the 3rd LINE Creator's Market celebration, LINE Indonesia invited several young creators who successfully published their comics on LINE Webtoon and also those who became Top creators at LINE Creator's Market. The young creators who are still on average still in school and this college admitted to earn considerable money from the fruit of their work.

New Money Mine: Sticker and Webtoon

"Up to now there are 720,000 creators and more than 400,000 sets of stickers and themes globally. Even these creators already have total sales of 47.9 billion with an average accumulation of 530 million yen for 10 top creators. Therefore, in order to celebrate LINE Creator's Market's third anniversary as well as part of our commitment to support creators worldwide, including Indonesia, we are ready to launch innovations and support creative talents to create and grow with us and have Additional revenue through LINE Creator's Market, "said Inez Yorisya Kemala, Business Developer Manager of LINE Indonesia

As a successful example of LINE Creator's Market and LINE WEBTOON Challenge, LINE Indonesia now has hundreds of best sticker creators and webtoonist in Indonesia. One of the successful and consistent sticker creators working together since 2015 is Moh. Archyd Ekaputra with his most popular MR. MUSTACHE.

Moh. Archyd Ekaputra has had more than 30 stickers and was ranked 1st on the Creators' Stickers chart. LINE Indonesia also has other productive creators, Jotter, which has released more than 100 stickers, including Bro Gaul and Just Be Yourself which are both ranked high on the Creators Stickers chart.

In the field of webtoon, LINE has one of the best webtoonist which is also the third winner of LINE Creativate 2016 ie Paper Rocket with his work entitled Sekar x Popular which has been in TOP 10 since it was first published until now. In addition, Too Handsome, the local webtoon works Avisiena and Savenia has been published in Thailand and survive in the TOP rank 3 since the first published until now.

Through LINE WEBTOON, LINE is also innovating by opening opportunities for big brands like Burger King and other brands to work with LINE WEBTOON and the webtoonist (webtoon creator). In addition, LINE also hosted Campus Roadshow to attract more local talents to work together and capture more local creative talents.

"We want to continue to contribute and innovate the best service to answer local needs. WEBTOON is now present at the LINE Today panel, in an effort to continue to promote the work of the webtoonist and provide easy access for readers. In addition, we recently opened the opportunity for big brands to work with LINE WEBTOON and webtoonist, displaying their trademarks within existing webtoon stories. Through this cooperation, the brand can contribute to help the webtoonist Indonesia have additional income, "said Ghina Fianny, LINE WEBTOON Manager LINE Indonesia.

Create Stickers Without PC, Sell and Get Money

One of the latest innovations offered by LINE Creator's Market in Indonesia is LINE Sticker Sachet. Launched in February 2017, there were 50 sets of Sachet Sticker, with a 436% increase in sticker registration registrations, as well as a 212% increase in creative registration.

"We see the culture and needs of Indonesian citizens against the purchase of sachet products, ranging from bathing needs, to food such as coffee or soy sauce. Through sachet products, one can get goods at affordable prices. Likewise with the innovation Sachet Stickers we have. The sachet sticker allows users to use stickers at a more affordable price and with fewer stickers, and Sachet Stickers can only be used by Indonesian users and creators, "continued Inez Yorisya Kemala.

In addition to releasing Sticker Sachet, LINE Indonesia will also enact auto-suggestion features for local creator-made stickers to make it easier for users to choose stickers in their conversations on LINE. In the global realm, LINE plans to create a special application for LINE Creator's Market which will be launched in mid-2017, to make it easier for creators to create stickers, ranging from registration, photo processing, drawing to launching stickers in a special application creator. Through this application too, creators no longer need to use a PC, illustration software, or other digital devices in making stickers.

"We believe that everyone including students has creative talents that can contribute to the digital creative realm of economics. Therefore, we will not only focus on feature and platform innovation, but will also continue to attract creative local talent, especially from Indonesian students through various activities, one of them through LINE Creators Campus Roadshow, a series of seminars at several universities in Indonesia to provide knowledge and Information related stickers and Webtoon, "said Inez Yorisya Kemala again.

So, want to know how to get rich from making comics and stickers LINE? Take a LINE Creators Campus Roadshow and read more information on LINE Creator's Market or LINE Webtoon now, huh!



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