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How to Restore a Lost or Delete Google Account Password (GMail)

GMail is an email service made by Google that became one of the most important account today, especially if you are one of the Android smartphone users. Losing Google account passwords is certainly not a pretty good thing.

If you become one of the people who lost or forgot your Google account password and want to return it, this time the Almaftuchin Tech will provide guidance to know the passwords of Google accounts that are forgotten or hacked.
Returning a Lost or Hacked Account Password
Since a few years ago Google has made it easier for its users to enjoy every service it owns. With just a Google account, users can enjoy almost all Google-made services, from GMail, Earth, Maps, Hangouts, Android, Drive and more.

But not a few users who have experienced the password forgotten Google account. To recover your forgotten or hacked Google account password, you can use the following methods.

How to Restore a Lost or Dihack Google Account Password

  1. Go to page https://mail.google.com/mail/
  2. Enter your email and select the Forgot Password
  3. Next enter the password you ever remembered before
  4. When did you create that Google account?
  5. If so, then you are asked to enter a new email that will be used for the verification process.
  6. Enter the code Google sends to the new email.
  7. Next you just need to wait 1-3 hours ahead to get a link to reset Google account password.
  8. If you already get an email, click the RESET PASSWORD button to start creating a new password.

That's an easy way to recover a forgotten or hacked Google account password. If you are still confused, do not forget to ask in the comments field. Good luck!



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