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How to Stop WiFi Thieves and Capture It

The number of current WiFi users is increasing. Many laptop users and smartphones desperately need a WiFi connection to keep them connected to the internet and get things done.

So, what if there are WiFi thieves who arbitrarily log into our WiFi network and use the quota of our WiFi. Therefore, what should you do to overcome it?

To stop WiFi thieves, you must follow several steps given by Jaka below. That way, you can know who the WiFi thief is, and catch it.

Steps on How to Stop a WiFi Thief and Capture It

  1. First, you go to your router by going to and logging on to the panel.
  2. Then, when you get into the router, you'll find the Connected Devices or Attached Devices option. In this way, then you can see the IP Address used by the thief.
  3. After that, block that user or change the WiFi password as soon as possible. Well, look around, whether there is an instant his face upset or ngedumel not. If anything, then it is likely that the culprit, and immediately catch it.

Habits of people if suddenly disconnected from internet connection, then he will be angry. So it's easy to know



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